I love this picture of Anthony and I in Chattanooga (in early Fall). It was our first trip together.

I just bought a bunch of art supplies and am trying to get my artistic groove back -- so here's a portrait attempt in Charcoal and Watercolor.

Cat Story: Tabitha wins.

As I was waiting on supper and being melancholy, I was sitting silently at the kitchen table. I had just changed the litterbox so naturally the cats had to use it. Tabitha was first. When Jack heard her digging, he went and sat in the laundry room. As usual, when she walked out, he pounced and chased her off. That happens pretty much daily. He thinks its funny.

So then Jack's turn to use the litterbox. Tabs hears him scratching and positions herself on the top stair on the other side of the corner -- complete with butt wiggle. Jack comes trotting out, glances in the laundry room and then *BAM* Tabs attacks from behind. Scared the shit out of him. LOL! It made me laugh a lot.

Shrek Forever After Glassware Recall

I'm reading about the McDonalds Shrek glass recall (") while sipping tea from my fat Puss In Boots glass. Nobody is taking away my fat Puss in Boots glass, I don't care if it's poisonous, it makes me happy.

Fun @ the Lake

New Adventures...

Well, I'm still jobless. Two months in and if anything my job prospects look smaller than they did before. I'm also living beyond my means -- unemployment doesn't pay much and I live alone in a 2 bedroom apartment.

Time to put on my big girl panties and do what I have to do: Move in with someone. Ugh, I know. I've lived alone for over 5 years and I never got along with roommates. But I did get along with Steph for the brief period we lived together. And now we're both much more medicated. So...

I'm moving in with Steph! She has a house here in Huntsville with a roommate (who I'm told is disgusting -- ugh) and two cats. And now me and my two cats will be joining the party. I'm terrified. TERRIFIED. I'm going from my own apartment -- with two whole bedrooms and two whole bathrooms and my own kitchen and all my own stuff and no one to bother me to a single room in someone else's house. ...with other people. I'm terrified.

Did I mention I'm terrified? Help.

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