Facebook ate me.

Sorry I never post around here anymore. I should try to remedy that. I've been directing my thoughts and pictures to Facebook so this poor blogs been neglected. I apologize. I do recommend friending me on Facebook if you wanna keep up with me though. So whats new with me?

Did I ever post on here that I got laid off? Yeah, probably not. Job search isn't going too well. It's very disheartening. Most days I feel like a giant loser. I'm still going though and looking for a new job. And collecting unemployment -- yay! Too bad thats not enough to live off of. It is free money though and helps a LOT.

I'm still with my sweetie, Anthony. We love each other and it's so awesome. I've met all his family, hes met all my family. We still accept each other. It's great! Hes up by 10 strokes in the putt putt tournament (7 games in). I tied him last game though, so maybe this is the beginning of my subtle comeback.

I hooked up my good old NES from '85 for Anthony to play Zelda. He kicked its ass. I took a picture of the victory but he won't let me post it on facebook because he says no one cares. Does anyone care about anything I post on there anyway?

Still loving my Wii! I still love some Mario Kart action. And I got the Netflix streaming disc for the Wii -- it's so awesome! I canceled my cable when I got laid off, so now I just stream stuff from Netflix. I watched the first 4 seasons of Bones (INCREDIBLE show)! I can't believe I was missing such an awesome show!

Spent the end of last week at a gorgeous lake resort with the family. I got major sunburn. We had a boat and a jetski and a innertube to ride though so it was super fun. The resort had the most awesome mushroom pool ever! It had the giant mushroom fountain, a huge cave with waterfall and a water slide. Unfortunately, it was freezing so we were stuck with the normal adult pool.

I'm sure there's plenty more I havn't mentioned, but this is a start :)

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