How long will i leave my Christmas wreath up?

With a little hot glue and some fake eggs, it is now an Easter wreath!

Sexist old men are funny.

I don't know why, but I've encountered more sexism at my current place of work than ever before. Maybe because I've been there three years, maybe because lots of engineers are old men, or maybe this is just the most i've ever been around old men. Either way, it can be pretty funny. I'm sure most women would disagree, but I've never been much of a feminist or a hippy - I also know that it's just their generation and it's a dying state of mind. Either way: sometimes rather amusing.

Today I was in the cafeteria on my lunch break enjoying some chicken parm with Messick (hes a guy). We were sitting next to a table of older guys discussing cars -- not unusual. They were talking about how stupid having an automatic sports car was -- because that defeats the entire purpose. The following is directly quoted:

Old Guy 1: "I guess it makes them more accessible to women."

Old Guy 2 (genuinely seeing this as a valid argument): "Then my wife could drive it"

Me (looking at Messick): "Did he actually just imply that women can't drive stick? ... I can drive stick."

Messick: "I can't."


My new couch just got delivered and it
s perfect! It look better than I thought it would and its SO COMFY! I love it. Love it love it love it!

Special Delivery

There is something fucking wrong with FedEx

This is my new Wii Fit Plus. With a giant boot print on it. After it's been sitting out in the rain leaning against my door all day. At least it wasn't stolen.

What the hell is wrong with FedEx? They left it leaning against my door so you could see it clearly when pulling into the parking lot. Didn't even try to put it off to the side or behind my plants. Plus there is a giant foot print on it -- it's even dented, its obviously a boot. Thanks for handling it with care, guys. The picture barely shows it, but believe me, it's bad. It's also been raining all day! Why would you leave a package out in the rain? And I'm going out of town tomorrow -- what if it was delivered tomorrow and sat out there until Monday?

What the hell?


I just cleaned up my friends on facebook and unfriended a lot of people that i didn't really know or care for. If I accidently unfriended any blog readers, drop me an email and I'll refriend you -- probably just didn't realize your real name ;)

I don't like having people "friended" when I have no idea who they are. Seems stupid.

My sweetie brought me flowers for no reason. I loves him.

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