Hi, Blog. It's been a while.

Sorry I've been too lazy to post. I've been relying mainly on my netbook which didn't have the convenient program for blogging. Then it got major sick so I finally got around to buying a new power cord for the mac. See, I have my reasons. Kinda.

Life is good. Well, better than usual, I suppose. I'm stressed and hate school still and I'm super stressed with my current project at work. On the good side though, I just paid off my entire credit card so now the only debt I hold is my student loans. I also ordered a new couch. WOOT! My first big furniture purchase!

And in about 2 weeks, Anthony and I will be taking a weekend to head up to North Carolina to see his sister and attend Chad's wedding! And it'll be our 6 months :)

Tonight I totally bailed on social activity for a nap (that nap hasn't happened) and laundry. I don't regret it though because my dishes were so shamefully piled up and so is the laundry. There was even a molded sponge in my dishes -- EW, who knew I was that gross? I didn't. About to unload the dishes and put in my second load of laundry while I watch the olympics. Then maybe call Anthony for some mario kart pwnage.

Do any of you play mario kart? If so, email me for my friend code -- I <3 mario kart.

Perhaps the cuteness is a trap...

Kirk and Spock are suspicious.

May the furs be with you!

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