Chocolate Mousse

My dear, sweet, sexy, wonderfully awesome boyfriends birthday is this weekend. He's not a big cake guy though. His favorite dessert of all time? His mommas chocolate mousse. He's told me of this holy chocolate mousse a few times and I had the pleasure of having some when I visited his family over the holidays. So of course I'm going to make him this holy chocolate mousse and got the recipe from his mom.

Holy shit, could he choose a more complex dessert? I thought it would involve cool whip -- I was so wrong. The crust is oreo cookies without the cream crumbled up. Yall, I have to skin a package of oreos just for the crust! Holy crap. And I don't own things like spring-form pans, egg separators, candy thermometers and multiple mixing bowls. But ah ha -- after borrowing some things from Erin (some of which Jack broke - sorry, Erin) and a massive trip to Target, I have all the stuff I need. BEHOLD:

Whats sad is that it probably won't live up to his moms.


Blogger Kelly Enigma said...

Oh my god, I so have to go out and buy oreos right now...

10:44 PM  
Blogger penn said...

I think the effort is the key part.

If he likes pie, here's a good chocolate cream related pie:

I used graham cracker crust instead of pie crust (I make it, but you can buy it too). It's a super good recipe.

Also, I'm pretty sure they sell oreo crust premade.

7:30 AM  

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