Target is sexist

SO I was walking through Target tonight and saw this awesome Batman underwear in the mens section. I looked closer and not only did they have Batman, but they also had Transformers and Ironman in both boxers and briefs -- for adults. So I got all excited and went to womens because I wanted Batman AND Ironman AND Transformers underwear! They had none of the above.

What the hell, Target? Christian Bale as Batman and Robert Downey Jr as Ironman -- there's a womens market too! (I'll give them that there might be less demand for transformers in the womens section). This makes me so sad! I wanted to watch Ironman in my Ironman panties, dammit!

Jack is ready for the cold.

WARNING: Post about Vaginas

I'm watching a show on BBC America called "Perfect Private Parts." It's a woman exploring and studying labiaplasties, hymen restoration and various cosmetic surgeries available for the vagina and the women who get them. It's fascinating.

They've followed two women who wanted to have the surgery. One girl was 16 and she was unable to convince her to not go through with it. Another woman was married and just so emotionally distraught over how much she hated her vagina. She wanted to have surgery and the reporter convinced her to participate in this art project (warning, not pornographic but NSFW either): After she saw the complete panel (it's a panel of castings of 40 womans vaginas) she started bawling and realized that -- holy shit, they don't all look alike. She not only had hers cast for the art project, but decided against the surgery shes wanted for over 30 years.

It's a very moving show. And while I've never felt self conscious about my vagina in particular, I DO know what it's like to hate your body. And I find the art project fascinating. It's not just a wonderful concept, but it is literally enough to change lives. I mean that one woman went from hating her body to embracing it -- just by looking at it. What a fascinating piece of art to have that much power for someone. I'm just stunned, really.

What a fascinating show.

Jack likes to sit in my lap while I play Mario Kart

Chocolate Mousse

My dear, sweet, sexy, wonderfully awesome boyfriends birthday is this weekend. He's not a big cake guy though. His favorite dessert of all time? His mommas chocolate mousse. He's told me of this holy chocolate mousse a few times and I had the pleasure of having some when I visited his family over the holidays. So of course I'm going to make him this holy chocolate mousse and got the recipe from his mom.

Holy shit, could he choose a more complex dessert? I thought it would involve cool whip -- I was so wrong. The crust is oreo cookies without the cream crumbled up. Yall, I have to skin a package of oreos just for the crust! Holy crap. And I don't own things like spring-form pans, egg separators, candy thermometers and multiple mixing bowls. But ah ha -- after borrowing some things from Erin (some of which Jack broke - sorry, Erin) and a massive trip to Target, I have all the stuff I need. BEHOLD:

Whats sad is that it probably won't live up to his moms.

Phrase of the month and more!

Phrase of the month: "hoovering over him like a rabid angel." I need to work this analogy into my repertoire.

In other news: New semester starts tomorrow. WOO HOO -- YEAH! ROCK ON! Long work week AND school. Gonna be a loooong week. I did do my laundry today which was both nice and necessary. Still haven't fully unpacked from winter vacation, but at least I put up my clothes and the big suitcases!

Most people have already asked, but for those who haven't: My trip to the great white north (where Barnes and Nobles reach TWO STORIES) went quite well. I had a great relaxing time. I think I might have made a decent impression and I got to spend the entire week with Anthony! We flew back into Birmingham and had dinner with my family before driving home. So he's met my entire family (most twice) and I've met most of his. And we've only been dating 4 months -- that's progress! I'm so very happy right now, it's wonderful.

Christmas went well too! I got a Wii! Finally! And I've been playing it all freaking week (hooked it up Monday night). I have Rayman (Love the Rabbids), Mario Kart (Hit me up if you play too, we can race online!), and the New Super Mario Brothers Wii. Let me tell you, that last one is a hoot in Multiplayer. Alone it's OK. With 2 people it's way more fun. With 4 people it's absolute chaos -- and tons of fun. In multiplayer, we're already half through the third (ice) world. It's not even the game play but the little details that kill me -- like the fact that you can eat your friends and spit them back out with yoshi -- and that the turtles dance with the background music.

Hope you all had a great end of the year as well. Here's to the new!

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