Time Flys

Can you believe it's November already? This semester is flying by! I mean it's almost my birthday and Thanksgiving already. I'm super ahead this year though, have one more Christmas present to make and then I'll have everyones done! Impressive, no?

Schools still stressing me out. So is the thyroid thing. I've been having a lot of symptoms I did not connect until I looked up excessive hair loss the other day. Oh hey, thats a symptoms of hypothyroidism. Oh so are the wicked leg cramps i've been having, the exhaustion, the weight gain, the irritability - yay! I tell you, Graves Disease is bull shit. I'm so upset about the losing hair thing. I thought my hair was just getting tangley and thats why I was losing so much. So I've been buying hair treatments and conditioners and all sorts of shit in hopes of stopping it. Now I find out it's my stupid thyroid -- which means I can't fix it with fancy hair products :( Great, I'm gonna be fat and bald and still a failure at school. THIS ROCKS.

Sorry, I'm a bit upset about it. I was diagnosed with thyroid problems in JANUARY. It's November -- I've tried different pills and hormones and doses, I've been radiated, I've been poked and prodded and I'm still getting NEW symptoms. Not just the ones I already had -- new ones! And my psychiatrist is harping on me about my weight gain and making me feel even worse than I already do. Like I don't hate myself for it already. I dread the psychiatrist now. Just like I dread class and the doctors and work. BLAH. Did I mention my hairs falling out? Yeah.

Ok, but lifes not all bad. Not at all actually. I'm completely in love with Anthony and love him more every day. We've been going on walks together after work, I feel good about that. He just makes me so fucking happy -- and has that weird ability to make me feel better by smiling at me or hugging me. *swoon*

Like I said, I've gotten a lot of Christmas presents made too (they're stained glass). I just have to make a cross for Jennifer and then I've got all my Christmas done! I even have a present for Anthony's parents. I'm hoping to have time to make some Christmas ornaments too. Not because I have to but because I want to. I tried this last year but it became a "have to" which sucked out all of the enjoyment for me. I'd also like to get around to making a stained glass Christmas tree. I've got little filigree ornaments, just need to make it.

My birthdays almost here! I'm hoping some friends will get together and we can do dinner and a movie or game and have red velvet cake (Sams makes the best). And balloons. I want balloons. I love balloons, they're cheap, and underrated. HINT HINT. ;)

And next month is CHRISTMAS SEASON. And my trip to Michigan!


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