I has a head wound.

Today when I left for lunch (lunch date), I maneuvered nicely out of my front door and avoided letting Jack out. Impressive, no? Well, I did smack my head on the door. In particular I smacked my ear on the door. I checked my cartilage piercings and they were ok, they just hurt a lot so I forgot about it.

Tonight I'm getting ready for bed and find blood all over my ear and in my hair. WTF? So I feel around and break the scab and then I get a bloody hand. Well, fuck. I tore my damn ear on the door and didn't even know it. Right where the top of my ear meets my scalp. What a lame head injury. Gotten while trying not to let my cat out. And it's where my glasses go!

So I'm sitting here trying to stop the bleeding again with a wad of toilet paper around my ear. What a stupid injury.


Blogger Erin said...

I am sorry you are damaged =( I thought you had a flower behind your ear at first and it was pretty. So pretend it is a flower?

6:42 PM  

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