I've been posting a lot of pictures lately and few words. So here we go, an actual post.

This week passed, it was long and hard and crappy, but I survived! I'm depressed -- tired of rejection and dating. So I dyed my hair. It's red and AWESOME. I'm still depressed, but with awesome hair.

My netbook got here. Did i tell you I ordered one? I decided a netbook was a good, reasonably cheap way to get a PC for school work. We all know I'm pretty lazy. After work and school, I never want to go to the school labs to write my programs. And I can do linux work on my Mac -- but they give us compilers and software for windows. Most of my school programs I find cannot be done on my Mac. So I got a net book. A blue Samsung NC10. Plus it's a new toy!

I took it to work this week and Don liked it so much he ordered one just like it. Another coworker is also considering ordering one. It's got an ultra shiney top which means fingerprints that would drive me insane, so I also ordered a decal for it. I got the "skin" from istyles.com and I LOVE it. I read a recommendation for these skins and holy crap, it couldn't be better. It's super thin and sticky but removes like a window decal. And not only does it take away the finger print problem, but the palm rest decal covers up all the horrible stickers they stick on PCs. "Intel inside," "Made for Windows," "Samsung" - ugh, how tacky. But the "skin" makes it beautiful so I'm super happy with it.

I want a Wii, by the way. Not gonna get one but I'd like one.

Also, the stores are starting to bring out their Fall and Halloween decorations. HOLY SHIT! My favorite time of year! I don't know how long I will be able to resist decking the apartment out for Halloween.

Oh and next weekend I get to see the Glory Revealed concert in Birmingham. Should be pretty awesome.


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