Made it to the beach.

I guess you figured by the picture of the virgin Pina Colada that I made it to Florida. I did. Been at the beach the past 3 days -- not a bit burnt yet (Of course I've been bathing in sunscreen). It's been pretty enjoyable so far. Dad is on his way down now. Read that how you want depending on how well you know me.

There are pictures that have been put up on facebook. If you are a long-time reader and want to friend me on facebook, drop me an email with a link to your facebook and I'll invite you to be a friend. I won't link it from here because I'd like for my family to not read my blog ;)

I miss my cats. There's a cat here that apparently belongs to the hotel/condiminium. Its name is Marcy and it is sooo sweet. She must be living the life -- all the sun and petting she wants. She parks it next to the beach entrance and lets people pet her. Seems to be missing a good chunk of her tail though, so she's not always had the good life. I think she was a stray that just got adopted by the hotel -- whatever she is, shes well fed LOL I <3 her. I let her sit in my lap and purr yesterday until she'd have no more of it.

I MISS JACK. That is all.


Blogger Michael said...

Here, I'll pretend to be Jack to make you feel better.




11:48 PM  

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