I find myself sad today. I shouldn't be. Last week was awful, and today was not. The concert last night was AWESOME. Lunch today was awesome. And yet, I find myself so sad. I tidied up my house in hopes that would make me feel a little better. It didn't really, but it's nice.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. Prayers would be appreciated.

Glory Revealed

Waiting on concert to start.


I fed these ducks yesterday - it made me happy for a bit. I gave them tortilla shells.

Ugly Cats

These are so ugly that I have to own them. The stores closed though :( Must have.

Update: The ugly cats are $35 a piece! Ugh! I wanted them so bad but no way are ugly cats worth that.


Jack apprvoes:

(I love that hes posing)

Mrs Pac Man

Been working on Chad's wedding present all night. Now my back hurts and I'm starving. I'll solder it later this week. Super happy with how it looks so far.

If you're scratching your head, here's how he proposed:


Trying to work my tuition payments into my pay schedule. Ugh. No idea where ill get money for Christmas presents.


I've been posting a lot of pictures lately and few words. So here we go, an actual post.

This week passed, it was long and hard and crappy, but I survived! I'm depressed -- tired of rejection and dating. So I dyed my hair. It's red and AWESOME. I'm still depressed, but with awesome hair.

My netbook got here. Did i tell you I ordered one? I decided a netbook was a good, reasonably cheap way to get a PC for school work. We all know I'm pretty lazy. After work and school, I never want to go to the school labs to write my programs. And I can do linux work on my Mac -- but they give us compilers and software for windows. Most of my school programs I find cannot be done on my Mac. So I got a net book. A blue Samsung NC10. Plus it's a new toy!

I took it to work this week and Don liked it so much he ordered one just like it. Another coworker is also considering ordering one. It's got an ultra shiney top which means fingerprints that would drive me insane, so I also ordered a decal for it. I got the "skin" from and I LOVE it. I read a recommendation for these skins and holy crap, it couldn't be better. It's super thin and sticky but removes like a window decal. And not only does it take away the finger print problem, but the palm rest decal covers up all the horrible stickers they stick on PCs. "Intel inside," "Made for Windows," "Samsung" - ugh, how tacky. But the "skin" makes it beautiful so I'm super happy with it.

I want a Wii, by the way. Not gonna get one but I'd like one.

Also, the stores are starting to bring out their Fall and Halloween decorations. HOLY SHIT! My favorite time of year! I don't know how long I will be able to resist decking the apartment out for Halloween.

Oh and next weekend I get to see the Glory Revealed concert in Birmingham. Should be pretty awesome.

Sitting on my balcony... Being depressed.

Sitting on my balcony... Watching Jack eat my plants.

Driving School: Day 2

This is just so much fun. All this social interaction. Awesome.

Driving School: Day 1

*This post is a reconstruction of text messages sent from driving school*

Ah, the court house - everyones happy place.


Too many people. Need klonopin. Anxiety building.


The girl sitting next to me is eating cheetos. Want to die.


Update: I survived. I could not WAIT to run out of there though. So many people with gum and chips and it just sucked. What a LONG DAY.

Gonna be a long week.

This week is going to be long and crappy. In addition to work, I'll be starting fall semester. Two 400-level programming classes. Yay! And Monday I need to cut my first monthly payment check -- $450. That'll hurt every month. And in addition to all of this, I have driving school! Immediately after work on Tuesday and Thursday (5:20pm - 9:00pm). So basically Tuesday and Thursday I'll have work, class and driving school and be gone from 7:30am and not getting home till around 9:30pm. UGH.

Storm Angel

This is a painting I did today. I did two "in progress" shots which I think is pretty cool. I'm THRILLED with how it came out.

Parrot Feathers

A coworker brought these for me to give to Jack. They are feathers shed by her pet parrot. Each one is brilliant blue on one side and shimmery yellow on the other and about a foot long. I feel like I should get some ink and do calligraphy with them.

As expected, Jack loves them. Sorry I couldn't get better pictures of him carrying it around.

Still waiting at the doctors office...

Still waiting


Waiting around at doctors offices is becoming a bit of a hobby for me.

Florida Commemorative Candle Holder

Every year when we (the family) go to Florida, we have a set of restaurants we like to visit. And every year someone (or everyone) gets a specialty drink which of course comes with the commemorative hurricane glass. After a while, we've amassed quite a collection of the glasses -- but what on earth do you do with them? I never use them.
Hurricane glasses before deconstruction

This year I decided to make a stained glass candle holder with the logos from the glasses. I used blue glass and a mix of blue beads to do a mosaic style. I kept to blues for the beachy vibe and patinaed the solder with copper to keep with that (blue and copper = water and sand, sun).

Florida Commemorative Candle Holder (1)

You can view more photos of it at my flickr stained glass page:

Outlet mall shopping sucks.

Mom and sister drug me to outlet malls. Lunch is at Cheese Burger in Paradise though.

UPDATE: I spent more money than I should have, but I got some good stuff. Also, Cheese Burger in Paradise just shoved 5 Guys aside and claimed Number 1 in "Karen's favorite burgers." So the list now stands at:

#1 Cheese Burger in Paradise
#2 5 Guys
#3 My own (on a cast iron griddle with Dales Sauce)


Big storm rolling up the beach. I love storms.

Made it to the beach.

I guess you figured by the picture of the virgin Pina Colada that I made it to Florida. I did. Been at the beach the past 3 days -- not a bit burnt yet (Of course I've been bathing in sunscreen). It's been pretty enjoyable so far. Dad is on his way down now. Read that how you want depending on how well you know me.

There are pictures that have been put up on facebook. If you are a long-time reader and want to friend me on facebook, drop me an email with a link to your facebook and I'll invite you to be a friend. I won't link it from here because I'd like for my family to not read my blog ;)

I miss my cats. There's a cat here that apparently belongs to the hotel/condiminium. Its name is Marcy and it is sooo sweet. She must be living the life -- all the sun and petting she wants. She parks it next to the beach entrance and lets people pet her. Seems to be missing a good chunk of her tail though, so she's not always had the good life. I think she was a stray that just got adopted by the hotel -- whatever she is, shes well fed LOL I <3 her. I let her sit in my lap and purr yesterday until she'd have no more of it.

I MISS JACK. That is all.

Virgin Pina Colada

Man, I haven't had one of these in years. Welcome to vacation to me.

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