Greasy Burgers

I haven't really left my house this week for anything other than work. I've been pretty depressed. I just want to not deal with people and sleep. In fact every lunch break this week, I came home and slept or sat on the couch. And today I had off -- I just stayed in bed all day. And honestly, I haven't had a shower since Wednesday night.

Yeah, I'm kinda depressed about Justin leaving (he moved to LA). Especially because I'm pretty sure I care a hell of a lot more than he does -- which kinda makes it a lot worse.

So Beth and Erin and I are going to go get greasy burgers. And being that I haven't had a shower or shaved and am not publicly presentable, we're not going until 8:00. I have good friends. I'd still rather be in bed but whatever. I know that, rationally, I should get out of my apartment.

Remind me to tell you about my nightmares last night. Two words: killer octopuses.


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