Getting ready for Florida

I'm getting ready for Florida -- washing laundry and such. Cars ready to go, oil changed, fluids filled, all lights in working order (Thanks, Kyle!). Tomorrow, I'm dropping my cats off at Erin & Matt's. That makes me sad. Jack's sitting here next to me purring. And they'll struggle and wail the whole way there, and it's not like I want to leave them! But I know Erin and Matt will love on them even more than I do (right?) and they'll be well taken care of. I'll just miss them. Fucking emotional crutches.

So tomorrow I just need to drop them off and pack clothes and I'm ready to go. I hope it goes well. My family is already bitching that I'm driving myself and not sleeping in Birmingham Friday night. It usually gets a lot better once we're there -- I hope thats true this time too.


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