Did I ever mention that I gave the cats baths two weeks ago? I did. It went well considering they haven't had one in nearly a year. And I've gotten back to being good and cleaning my house every weekend. I'm not sure if this is a sign my depression is clearing, that I've been putting forth more effort, or just that my house has been exceptionally dirty. Take your pick.

This weekend is a long weekend so I cleaned on Thursday night. So now I can relax and not have it on my back all weekend. Nice! And since Kyle is going to be fixing my brake lights Sunday, I figure the least I can do is get all the junk out of the car. So yesterday I cleaned out the car, aired up the tires, and bought a spiffy steering wheel cover to beef it up (The civic has a very skinny and slick steering wheel, I like thicker and once that won't slip if I have lotion on). Then I felt so good about it, I took it to the car wash and paid to have it washed, vacuumed and cleaned inside and out. Then I put and air freshener in it.

Holy shit, I forgot how nice it is to have a clean car. The radio still doesn't work (need the code since the battery died) but it's all clean! And next week is Florida. I'm not psyched about the family drama so I'm more stressed about it than psyched -- but I've decided that I'm driving myself. I'm not sitting in a car with someone for 6 hours to listen to them eat chips when I'm already stressed. Fuck it, I'm taking my own car. Especially now that it's clean.

So clean cats, clean house, clean car. Surrounded by clean! Makes me happy.


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