Tickets Suck

This is the police officer currently writing me a ticket. He seems nice.

EDIT: This guy was totally NOT nice! What the fuck? He pulled me over on Memorial for going 61 in a 50 (and on Memorial thats slow -- I was getting passed, believe me). But you know, thats fine -- I was speeding, you need to meet your quota, I deserve a ticket, go for it. BUT, he also wrote me a completely separate (and more expensive) ticket because my insurance card expired A MONTH AGO. I called mom while he was there, got all the current info and it was exactly the same. She just hasn't mailed me the new card yet (which I had no idea was expired anyway). So he wrote me a ticket for not having insurance -- WTF!? He wrote me TWO completely separate tickets. What a fucking dickhole. And then as I was driving away (he left before me 'cause I was busy reading my tickets) -- as I was driving away, he was sitting there writing a ticket to a pickup truck. What the fuck crawled up this guys ass. God that pissed me off.

Oh, and he was also a dick with a bad attitude. Which I don't understand. I mean I pulled over immediately -- had all the info he needed waiting on him. Apologized and answered all his questions immediately. I didn't try to whine my way out of it. He was just an ASSHOLE for no reason. What a dick.


Blogger Erin said...

That sucks hardcore. I think if you get your proof of insurance, you can go show the judge or clerk or whatever and not have to pay the ticket.

8:48 AM  

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