New Balcony Furniture

My mom picked up this AWESOME furniture for my balcony. I love my mom -- we have the same eclectic taste. And this furniture is gorgeous and perfect. She picked up the chair the other day but we knew we should still get rid of the aderondack chair I had (because it took up too much space). I didn't wanna get rid of my aderondack though because its so comfortable and where I love to sit -- so I said i'd get rid it if we replaced it with a lounge. I told her I'd be willing to spend up to 70 on a lounge if she could find one that cheap. So the next day she had this lounge and matching chair set up on my deck!

I LOVE it. Before we had the aderondack and a rocking chair -- both of which took up a huge amount of space. So even though we now have a lounge chair out there, there is still more space on the balcony than before. She also got me the adorable pink "I Dream Of Jeanie" type oil lantern to the right of the lounge in the picture. It matches the flamingos :) And she got the matching pillows which are so my taste. My balcony was already pretty awesome, but now it is simply perfect. I've got a mosquito net curtain that flows beautifully in the wind, all the trellis work I put up months ago, my plants, and now gorgeous furniture including a LOUNGE! I love it. Mom is so awesome (yes, I technically paid for it, but I wouldn't have sought out something I loved that was also a good deal and then bought it an hauled it home - so mom gets all the credit).

And as a side note, the cats both adore the lounge.


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