Sickness is when friends and boyfriends shine.

I caught some kinda of horrid bacterial infection at some point last week. I had noticed my tonsils getting sore Wednesday, but when I woke up Thursday, I couldn't swallow, could barely breath, and couldn't talk. So I went to work and left mom my doctors phone number so she could call and make me an appointment as soon as they opened. My doctor being as awesome as he is, fit me in as one of his first appointments. Ran some tests -- decided it was bacterial but not strep a or b and gave me some antibiotics and pain relieveing mouth wash because I was in a lot of fucking pain. So Thursday I had the CRAP. And I had to work until 4 (lets not get into that) with a horrible fever.

By the time I got home, I was freezing and sweating and shaking and holy fuck my skin hurt. I mean I haven't been that sick in forever. I laid down in bed practically convulsing just hoping I could sleep through the bad part of the fever (yes I took the med combo to beat it off). The fever broke some time that night. But of course I didn't even pretend to swallow all dat Thursday. Fuck that. My mouth hurt so bad that now my teeth hurt from being clenched for so long. Nor did I eat or drink Friday (FORCED a yogurt that took me 2 hours to eat at some point that night). So heres where the first sweetness comes in.

Either Beth called me or I called her Friday. Not only does Beth live close, but shes the kinda friend that gives you rides to work when you need them and will do whatever she can to help in any case. Great friend. And by Friday, I was showing symptoms of dehydration because I couldn't drink anything. So I called Beth and asked her to pick me up some Pedialite or sports drinks. Well, she couldn't since she was in Athens, but she got John to and he brought some over right away. Beth, John, yall are AWESOME. After forcing myself to down 2 sports drinks I really felt better. It might have been psychosomatic, but I felt a lot better. I felt good even. I felt so dam good infact, that I realize I was fucking hungry and ordered myself some Steakout. Yeah, bad idea.

Went right back into gonna die mode. Fever came back. Felt like I was going to throw up. Not good. So I crashed into the bed. Hard. Here's where the second sweetness comes in.

I was talking to Justin online that night after I woke up. I had already told him I was sick the night before, but I told him baout my horrible day and all that. And the sweetheart came over (even though I'm sick as fuck and obviously not worth anything) to take care of me. Yall, this is the same man who cooked for me and my mom. my boyfriend is THE SHIT. He racked my fridge for ingredients and made me up a soup, rubbed my back and cuddled me to sleep (and no, he didn't try anything -- he solely came over to take care of me). And yall, think of this kinda makes me want to cry a little bit. I mean thats so fucking wonderfully sweet.

And I'd like to say Saturday I was feeling better. And on on hand, my throat and tonsils were WAY better. On the other hand though, that soup was spicey (I love spicey and he knows this) and now the "sickness" had moved down in my body to my bowels. Yeah. So I woke up and it was kinda unpleasant. So much so that I didn't crawl back into bed with my wonderful boyfriend. I was in pain and dabbled around the house and apparently fell asleep on the couch. Next thing I knew, he was waking me up because he had to go (I knew he had plans for saturday).

So after this, I basically spent almost all of Saturday asleep. Woke up sometime around 7pm. And I felt good again! And this time I wasn't stupid enough to eat anything! I just kept spiking my tea with Pedialite. I cleaned my house. I cleaned myself up. I felt like myself again. And after I had everything done that i wanted to do, I ventured some toast with cheese. And it didn't make me sick. Score. I wasn't 100% or anything, but I felt like my body was mine again. Which was nice.

With Sunday comes the third sweetness. Justin offered to take me to a movie (we all know i love movies) but I really just wanted to bum around my house and not push it. So I sent him out to rent us a movie. And he went to rent us a movie. And at some point here I got real light headed so I was lounging on my new deck furniture when he returned feeling like shit again. And yall. Yall listen to this. He came out on the deck and he had bought be flowers!

*Swoon.* Justin is sweet and hot and wonderful and makes me feel like a sexy goddess and I just can't believe this wonderfulness has come upon me. What a sweetie!

So this weekend sucked in that It was painful and icky for my body. But being sick let me see how great Beth & John are (to run out and make a grocery trip and then deliver it to my house. John got me a big thing of Pedialite and a case of sports drinks -- THANK YOU) and it let me see a wonderful side to my boyfriend. A great giving sweet heart side. *swoon* Howd I get so lucky?


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