Tickets Suck

This is the police officer currently writing me a ticket. He seems nice.

EDIT: This guy was totally NOT nice! What the fuck? He pulled me over on Memorial for going 61 in a 50 (and on Memorial thats slow -- I was getting passed, believe me). But you know, thats fine -- I was speeding, you need to meet your quota, I deserve a ticket, go for it. BUT, he also wrote me a completely separate (and more expensive) ticket because my insurance card expired A MONTH AGO. I called mom while he was there, got all the current info and it was exactly the same. She just hasn't mailed me the new card yet (which I had no idea was expired anyway). So he wrote me a ticket for not having insurance -- WTF!? He wrote me TWO completely separate tickets. What a fucking dickhole. And then as I was driving away (he left before me 'cause I was busy reading my tickets) -- as I was driving away, he was sitting there writing a ticket to a pickup truck. What the fuck crawled up this guys ass. God that pissed me off.

Oh, and he was also a dick with a bad attitude. Which I don't understand. I mean I pulled over immediately -- had all the info he needed waiting on him. Apologized and answered all his questions immediately. I didn't try to whine my way out of it. He was just an ASSHOLE for no reason. What a dick.


I got to see my bluebell bloom today! The flowers only last a day and usually arent open when i go to work and have fallen off before i return. This morning 4 blooms had already opened!


Not only did he not act like i was a goober for wanting to ride the carousel... twice... but he even called the tiger and took pictures. God, im going to miss this man.

Picture booth!

Justin and I headed for the photobooth at Bridgestreet. He won the bet that it would have film this time. Im glad we got some pics of us together.

Current Mood: Sad

Justin, the sexy new boyfriend (technically we mutually decided to downgrade to just dating last week -- long unimportant story -- was mutual, actually made dating more fun) is leaving. He just moved here from Seattle and hasn't been able to make it work. So hes moving again to return to the West Coast.

I know this is whats best for him. In fact, I have more than once told him he should do it. He's not happy here and he's had a shitty life -- he deserves to be happy. And if there's anything I've learned -- any motto I have, its "go for the happy." I do this in my own life -- in big things and in small, if something will make you happy, and you can make that happen -- go for the happy. For instance I usually take the long way to work so I can drive past the goats and donkey. This is a stupid small inconvenience to my morning, but seeing them makes me a little happy. Thats what I mean when I say "go for the happy."

This is Justin going for the happy. And I'm glad that hes pursuing a dream, and I admire him for it.

I have to admit that selfishly though, I am saddened by this. We get along so well. I've never liked someone so much. No, I'm not in love -- what I mean is LIKE. I genuinely like being around him. He's spent entire weekends at my house and I never once had the thought to want him to go home. There's not another human on the planet that I have that with. And no one - no male, no female, no friend, no lover, no family has ever made me feel as great as he does. He's sweet and he treats me like a sexy princess. In the very short time I've known him, he's broken through all my barriers and self consciousness and I can just be with him without being self conscious at all. It's wonderful. And not only am I not self conscious with him, but I fell damn sexy and like the most awesome person on the planet. I know this is all so selfish, but I fear I will never find that in another human being. I've never even had a glimpse of it before him.

And I see what we could have become. And he sees it too. We fit together so well. So I mourn not only what we have, but the path that we were on. This weekend he'll be gone. He'll be on the other side of the country never to return.

This would be a good time to remember that God has a plan for us all and that there is someone out there for me. But man that always just sounds so cliche at times like these. I shall endeavor to not be sad this week and make the most of our last week together. I'm glad I got to know him. He's taught me so much about myself, and that's invaluable. I know God had a reason to put him in my life -- even if the time has been so brief.

Justin, I wish you all the best and all the happiness you can find. I respect and admire your fearless pursuit of your dreams. And I can't thank you enough for our time together and how you've made me feel. Thank You.

Star Trek - Public Service Announcement

Captain Kirk says don't be a douchebag, wash your hands.

Chef Justin

Was looking through photos on my phone and realized i never sent this. This is the meal Justin cooked when i snapped his picture the other day. Hes good, isn't he?

Sickness is when friends and boyfriends shine.

I caught some kinda of horrid bacterial infection at some point last week. I had noticed my tonsils getting sore Wednesday, but when I woke up Thursday, I couldn't swallow, could barely breath, and couldn't talk. So I went to work and left mom my doctors phone number so she could call and make me an appointment as soon as they opened. My doctor being as awesome as he is, fit me in as one of his first appointments. Ran some tests -- decided it was bacterial but not strep a or b and gave me some antibiotics and pain relieveing mouth wash because I was in a lot of fucking pain. So Thursday I had the CRAP. And I had to work until 4 (lets not get into that) with a horrible fever.

By the time I got home, I was freezing and sweating and shaking and holy fuck my skin hurt. I mean I haven't been that sick in forever. I laid down in bed practically convulsing just hoping I could sleep through the bad part of the fever (yes I took the med combo to beat it off). The fever broke some time that night. But of course I didn't even pretend to swallow all dat Thursday. Fuck that. My mouth hurt so bad that now my teeth hurt from being clenched for so long. Nor did I eat or drink Friday (FORCED a yogurt that took me 2 hours to eat at some point that night). So heres where the first sweetness comes in.

Either Beth called me or I called her Friday. Not only does Beth live close, but shes the kinda friend that gives you rides to work when you need them and will do whatever she can to help in any case. Great friend. And by Friday, I was showing symptoms of dehydration because I couldn't drink anything. So I called Beth and asked her to pick me up some Pedialite or sports drinks. Well, she couldn't since she was in Athens, but she got John to and he brought some over right away. Beth, John, yall are AWESOME. After forcing myself to down 2 sports drinks I really felt better. It might have been psychosomatic, but I felt a lot better. I felt good even. I felt so dam good infact, that I realize I was fucking hungry and ordered myself some Steakout. Yeah, bad idea.

Went right back into gonna die mode. Fever came back. Felt like I was going to throw up. Not good. So I crashed into the bed. Hard. Here's where the second sweetness comes in.

I was talking to Justin online that night after I woke up. I had already told him I was sick the night before, but I told him baout my horrible day and all that. And the sweetheart came over (even though I'm sick as fuck and obviously not worth anything) to take care of me. Yall, this is the same man who cooked for me and my mom. my boyfriend is THE SHIT. He racked my fridge for ingredients and made me up a soup, rubbed my back and cuddled me to sleep (and no, he didn't try anything -- he solely came over to take care of me). And yall, think of this kinda makes me want to cry a little bit. I mean thats so fucking wonderfully sweet.

And I'd like to say Saturday I was feeling better. And on on hand, my throat and tonsils were WAY better. On the other hand though, that soup was spicey (I love spicey and he knows this) and now the "sickness" had moved down in my body to my bowels. Yeah. So I woke up and it was kinda unpleasant. So much so that I didn't crawl back into bed with my wonderful boyfriend. I was in pain and dabbled around the house and apparently fell asleep on the couch. Next thing I knew, he was waking me up because he had to go (I knew he had plans for saturday).

So after this, I basically spent almost all of Saturday asleep. Woke up sometime around 7pm. And I felt good again! And this time I wasn't stupid enough to eat anything! I just kept spiking my tea with Pedialite. I cleaned my house. I cleaned myself up. I felt like myself again. And after I had everything done that i wanted to do, I ventured some toast with cheese. And it didn't make me sick. Score. I wasn't 100% or anything, but I felt like my body was mine again. Which was nice.

With Sunday comes the third sweetness. Justin offered to take me to a movie (we all know i love movies) but I really just wanted to bum around my house and not push it. So I sent him out to rent us a movie. And he went to rent us a movie. And at some point here I got real light headed so I was lounging on my new deck furniture when he returned feeling like shit again. And yall. Yall listen to this. He came out on the deck and he had bought be flowers!

*Swoon.* Justin is sweet and hot and wonderful and makes me feel like a sexy goddess and I just can't believe this wonderfulness has come upon me. What a sweetie!

So this weekend sucked in that It was painful and icky for my body. But being sick let me see how great Beth & John are (to run out and make a grocery trip and then deliver it to my house. John got me a big thing of Pedialite and a case of sports drinks -- THANK YOU) and it let me see a wonderful side to my boyfriend. A great giving sweet heart side. *swoon* Howd I get so lucky?

New Balcony Furniture

My mom picked up this AWESOME furniture for my balcony. I love my mom -- we have the same eclectic taste. And this furniture is gorgeous and perfect. She picked up the chair the other day but we knew we should still get rid of the aderondack chair I had (because it took up too much space). I didn't wanna get rid of my aderondack though because its so comfortable and where I love to sit -- so I said i'd get rid it if we replaced it with a lounge. I told her I'd be willing to spend up to 70 on a lounge if she could find one that cheap. So the next day she had this lounge and matching chair set up on my deck!

I LOVE it. Before we had the aderondack and a rocking chair -- both of which took up a huge amount of space. So even though we now have a lounge chair out there, there is still more space on the balcony than before. She also got me the adorable pink "I Dream Of Jeanie" type oil lantern to the right of the lounge in the picture. It matches the flamingos :) And she got the matching pillows which are so my taste. My balcony was already pretty awesome, but now it is simply perfect. I've got a mosquito net curtain that flows beautifully in the wind, all the trellis work I put up months ago, my plants, and now gorgeous furniture including a LOUNGE! I love it. Mom is so awesome (yes, I technically paid for it, but I wouldn't have sought out something I loved that was also a good deal and then bought it an hauled it home - so mom gets all the credit).

And as a side note, the cats both adore the lounge.


My sexy new boyfriend is cooking dinner for me and my mom. *swoon*

Carb Kitty Really Loves Marshmallows (2 of 2).

Sorry for the loud sound towards the end. I just love the way he smacks in this one though. Notice Tabitha's butt there. She has no interest in sweets.

Carb Kitty Really Loves Marshmallows (1 of 2)

Jack eating a marshmallow. Jack has no interest in meat -- but you give him a donut, a biscuit or especially a marshmallow and he eats it up. I love that he can't really take a bite of the marshmallow so he eats all the edges. LOL

Old Spock meets New Spock.

New Spock, I want you to stay in starfleet and be BFFs with Kirk - for that relationship will define you in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Beam me up

Initiate transport now!

Pew Pew

Give it up New Spock! you've been emotionally compromised and are in violation or Starfleet Regulation 619. Captain Pike promoted me to 1st officer and that makes me Captain! Suck it!

High Five!

I love my new action figures!

Why does lady liberty look so messed up in this vintage ad? She looks kinda terrified or something - like shes been blackmailed into recruiting.

I will not beat the cat, who has no idea what she did.

I will not beat the cat, who has no idea what she did. I will not beat the cat, who has no idea what she did. I will not beat the cat, who has no idea what she did.

I believe "dinkleberry" is the term? The dried cat crap that gets stuck in a long haired cats fur? IN MY FUCKING BED.

1. It was between the sheets where she snuggles up so at least not on the comforter or mattress. And at least I saw it before getting in bed. And YES I make my bed in the morning, she just burrows in there.

2. I have replaced the sheets and washed the old sheets in hot water -- they will be washed twice.

3. Shes just a poor little stray and its not her fault. She is, however, getting a bath and her ass trimmed.

5. Hot water. I shall take another shower in hot water.

6. I will not yell at her or swat at her because she has no idea what she did and it's not her fault and she's already scared of people.

Candy Gifts!

My British coworker/friend brought me some candy back from his memorial day holiday! I love candy from other countries! I shall try to resist tasting it before supper.

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