Your incompitance is astounding.

Today I had to go back to the cancer institute to have some blood drawn. I've been there twice before and both times it was a horrible experience being that they have no idea what they are doing. Today was no different.

I signed in with the receptionist, payed my balance and waited. For an hour. Then I went back up to the receptionist and asked how long the wait was going to be. Oh look at that, I'm not on their schedule! Did they discover this when she checked me in and took my money an hour ago? No. I don't even know how this is possible being that they called to remind me of the appointment.

Also, as usual, the nurses have no idea how to draw blood. One tried 3 times before she gave up -- and each time she insisted on digging around with the needle trying to find the vein. GIVE UP. Of course, I was nice to her and reassured her that it was fine (because I think she was about to cry). But it took her three big fails to give up. And for some reason the last hole got a bandaid but not the previous two. I do not understand this. They all bled.

These people kill me. I also had to remind them AGAIN, that I am the Karen C with a thyroid problem -- not the Karen C with breast cancer. I've asked them to put a note in the file that says there are two of us, but they never do. And for some reason they always think I'm the other Karen. They've yet to get it right without my correction.


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