You know who I havn't heard from in a while? The feds.

Thats not what this post is about though. Nor is it about the person who came across this blog looking to buy a Beetle. What a coincidence -- I'm selling one! (Call me, I'll give you a great deal!)

A few posts back I was writing under the influence of Ambien about how I can't remember buying a fan online while I was on Ambien - man that shit fucks you up. I left all the horrible errors in the post when I read it the next day on purpose. So anyway, at the end before I passed out, I said to remind me to tell you about the evil cat lady -- that's what this post is about.

So I was out front of the Market washing kittens when this lady walks up: "My kittens never get that big. Those your kittens?"

"No, what do you mean?"

"Dog always eat 'em"

WHAT? So then this lady proceeds to tell me that she lets her dogs eat all of the litters of kittens. It's population control, she tells me. I ask her why she doesn't get her cats fixed. She informs me that she doesn't have enough money to do that! And anyway, if they have kittens, the dogs just eat them.

What. The. Fuck.

I'm telling you - I don't curse out random strangers, these people egg me on -- they're asking for it.

I tried to ignore her. I just stopped responding while she described why she let her dogs eat the kittens her cats have (yes, her cats -- not stray cats -- HER cats). And she wouldn't leave me the fuck alone. She kept asking about the kittens... and talking about the dead kittens.

What a fucking bitch. Obviously it's not like I'm an animal lover -- sitting there bathing kittens. What the fuck is wrong with people? She wanted to be friends! She didn't know anyone in Belvidere. Fuck you lady, I live in Madison.

What a sick bitch.

Also, hey I didn't curse her out -- I went inside and ignored her. Yay for me! Self control. (And yes, I gave her recommendations -- like maybe she could just fix the females -- and I told her to ask Ginger about it since they fix lots of strays. Shes fine with the dog eating solution though.)

Oh and if you want links to what I'm talking about and/or the story about the feds, I'm too lazy to dig them up. And if sexy fed is reading this, how about lunch? You know where I work.


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