It's come to my attention recently that my Tabitha isn't all that bright. It's not her fault, she's a sweet heart, just not very smart. Of course she's being compared to Jack, the devil trickster of cats (who, by the way, has been bringing offerings to the new cardboard scratcher most of this evening), so the scales also a bit skewed. She reminds me of Winston though.

We used to raise beagles when I was little. Most were smart as a whip -- as beagles tend to be -- but not Winston. I think if you measured dog IQs, Winston would have been around a 60. God bless him, he was the sweetest dog. Dumb as a fucking rock. He didn't even run correctly -- he ran in this odd not-right way. LOL. He wasn't even a good looking dog, he was just... Winston.

Naturally, he couldn't think for himself -- he just did what the other dogs did. He particularly did was Jesse and Earl did -- two of his litter-mates. He was glued to them. Poor Earl wasn't a genius himself (he couldn't figure out how to use the feeder so he was always only able to eat when Jesse did), but Jesse was smart as a whip. And one day, the 3 of them weren't there. They were nowhere to be found. We knew Winston couldn't have figured out how to get out -- he wouldn't have wanted to even if he did -- the dog was the happiest dog you've ever seen. But we had lost him plus two more, and Jesse and Earl were valuable. All three were gone -- didn't even come home that night. Then we got a call from the pound in the morning.

Apparently, all three were picked up and taken to the pound. And poor Winston, the second he saw us come to get him he peed everywhere. And then he peed all over the lobby while we did paper work. And then he peed in the car on the way home. He couldn't help himself -- he was thrilled. He was always thrilled. He was a good dog.

Anyway, I don't think Tabs is quite as stupid as Winston was. But when I figured out that shes not too smart I was disappointed. I have a dumb cat. But then I remembered Winston. He was my favorite beagle. And Tabitha is the sweet cat.


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