So I saw Xmen Origins: Wolverine today. There were some laughs and the 10 minutes that Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds) was in it was completely awesome! He was by far the best character in the movie -- and everyones favorite from the comics. And they fucked him up so bad. Here's what he was like in the 10 minutes they gave him -- awesome:

And THEN they just fucked up the entire thing. SPOILERS: First, they said he was killed by sabertooth and so he wasn't in 90 minutes of the movie at all. THEN: THEN, they combined Wade Wilson with Weapon XI -- how fucked up is that? That was just one of the horrible plot butchery of the film. He comes back as Weapon XI at the end -- played by a different actor, totally fucked up, no mouth (no wise cracks!?), no eyelids and no brain of his own. It was HORRIBLE. Fuck you whoever wrote the screen play -- FUCK YOU.

I can only hope that this movie will be declared not canon and they'll let Ryan Reynolds make the Deadpool movies he's been wanting to make for years -- the one where Deadpool is like he was in the comics and a total awesome, crazy badass. Or at least let the rumors of dispair be true that Weapon XI was made form a clone of Wade Wilson and not Wade himself.

Here's a interview with Ryan Reynolds about the movie -- I think you can read between the lines and see he's not real happy with what happened to the character. And he talks about the Deadpool movie he wants to make towards the end.

Wade Wilson and Gambit were really where this one could have shined and they totally blew it with those characters. And whats with Cyclops being shown in all the trailers? He had maybe 7 minutes of screen time (5 of which consists of him in the classroom and is completely pointless to the movie).

So here's why I'm pissed -- you either make a movie for the fans (where you don't fuck up their favorite characters and completely make up shit up and fuck with the story) or you make a movie for more general audiences (in which case you don't throw in as many characters as possible when they serve no point what-so-ever in the movie). You can't do both. If you wanted one for the fans - Sabertooth and Wolverine are NOT brothers, Deadpool is not Weapon XI, Deadpool also wasn't even in Wolverines back story. If you want one for general audiences, stop throwing in every character you can possibly cram in when it makes no sense.

I heard Magneto might be the next "origins" character. Lame. Deadpool need his own Origins movie -- where he is the main character and he is like he was in the books. I think Ryan Reynolds should direct it -- he knows how to do it right.

//end rant

I also saw The Soloist this weekend. It sucked too. Robert Downey Junior couldn't even save that one. Seeing the new Star Trek this Friday -- it can't possibly be as much of a let down as these two were.


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