This-or-That Tuesday - throwback!

In missing This or That Tuesdays, I looked up the old website. It's just a spam site now. So I googled and found one on someone's blog from March 4, 2003. Here we go:

1. Soup or salad? Soup always -- I hate salad. If I'm stuck with a salad, I eat the crutons and let someone else have the rest. But with soup there are so many varieties -- soups I actually want to eat! Like O'Charleys potato soup. Mmmmm.

2. Hot or cold sandwiches? Hot. Give me some warm toasted bread with turkey and ham or just toast, lettuce, mayo, and bacon. Mmmmmmmm, bacon.

3. White or whole wheat bread (or rye, etc)? I get whole grain white. Just not feeling the wheat varieties. Though Rye or sourdough is best for ruban sandwiches and I had this awesome turkey on rye at Atlanta Bread the other day that blew me away. I buy white for my house though -- makes better toast for sandwiches.

4. Pack a lunch for work/school, or buy it?
Buy it. Long ago I intend to bring my lunch more often. That never happened. I always buy.

5. If you eat out…fast-food, chain, or mom & pop type place?
I got to mostly chain restaurants (5 Guys, Chilis, Jasons, Market Place, Nothing but Noodles, Cracker Barrel ect). I do however like a few mom and pops ESPECIALLY PAPA GYROS. I <3 Papa Gyros. Rolos is good and cheap too. Are Ol Heidleburg and Sitar considered mom-and-pop since they aren't chains?

6. Tuna or chicken salad? Chicken Salad mostly. I crave tuna sometimes (maybe twice a year or even less) and will continue to crave it more and more until I get it. But after a few bites, I'm good again. I like chicken salad all the time.

7. Cheese: Swiss or cheddar (or American, etc)? Sharp Cheddar hands down favorite. Best combo for grilled cheese: Sharp Cheddar and plain Havarti.

8. Mustard or mayo? Mayo. I'm southern.

9. Sandwiches: wrap/pita pocket, or regular bread/roll? I'll have the bread/roll sandwich, please pitas are gross and I have to be in the mood for a wrap.

10. Sweet stuff: cookie/cake or fresh fruit? Oh man, anyone wanna take a guess at my answer? Give me the cookies and cakes!


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