Scotland - Making it happen.

The more I think about Scotland, the more of an impossible goal it seems to be. How will I find a place to live? How will I get me, my mom, both cats, and my shit there? You have to get an apartment set up in advance, how will I do that? How will I know where to live? How will i get around? And cost of living is higher there (it seems -- apartments are very expensive) - can I make that work? It seems insurmountable sometimes.

The where to live and how to get that found and set up seems like the hardest part. I had been thinking I could arrange that from the States -- but the more I think about it the more I realize I'll probably have to make a trip in advance of the move to figure some things out. That will be expensive. How will I get that money?

So Monday I'm going to get the forms from HR to do auto deductions on my paycheck and set up a new savings account to dump the deductions into. I'm thinking 50 or 75 per paycheck. That will give me $1,200 @ 50 or $1,800 @ 75 a year. In two years when I have my degree and am trying to make the move happen, that will be $2,400 or $3,600 saved. I'll probably go with $75 per paycheck and see if I can make that work, if I can't I can drop to 50 and toss over extra when I can afford it. That way I'll at least have the money for a good trip over to set things up and some left towards the move too. At worst I can get a loan to make the actual move happen. The work visa won't be a problem as I already qualify as is.

Of course I have to get hired too... ;)


Blogger Erin said...

Maybe start scouting for forums and stuff over there, or for travelers? you might be able to get good info from them. at least about areas you want to check out or avoid? or you've already thought of that...

11:25 PM  

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