Migrains Suck

I had anotherophthalmic migraine this week. Does that mean these are going to be a frequent occurrence now? They both took 3 days to fully go away and started with the visual symptoms. I gotta say, the visual symptoms are kinda fascinating -- but knowing the pain thats coming kinda takes away from that. The pain came a little over an hour after the lights each time. So I guess at least you get a warning - thats nice.

This time my eyes started going wonky at about 11:00 at night. It looked like I was looking over a sea of color. You know how when you're at the beach and look out over the ocean, you see the sun shining on the waves far off into the horizon? It was like that but more colorful in the bottom of my vision. And then in the middle of my sight, it was like the swirl filter in photoshop had been used. It was kinda awesome - being that I knew It wasn't anything to worry about this time. And the visual "auras" this time were different than the first time (the color being new).

The human brain is simply fascinating -- and the way our bodies work, it just puts me in awe. The human body is a incomprehensibly complex system. I can't even comprehend how our eyes work with our brains to give us vision. It's amazing. And these light shows, blind spots, messed up vision -- well, they really drive home that sight is a weird miraculous sense that works via nerves connecting the brain and eye balls. It's very cool. Extremely painful for three days, but cool for an hour.


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