Kittens! (1 of 2)

Today I went up to the Belvidere Market for the Jazz Fest this weekend. Really I went up to help Ginger out with a new batch of kittens.

These 12 kittens were dropped off one night at the Humane Society. The Humane Society was going to go ahead and euthanize them since they apparently have some good reason I can't think of for killing a box of kittens. So a girl who works there called Ginger who went and picked them up. Now a box of kittens isn't as cute as you might think. Someone didn't want these kittens and dropped them off for someone who also didn't want the kittens and they ended up at the market. So basically, they're little and can't take care of themselves and haven't bee eating very well -- if at all. So... they smell horrible and are covered in diarrhea. Hence me driving up to clean them up and get them adoptable since Gingers so busy right now with the Jazz Fest.

So I cleaned them all up as best I could. Precious little kittens. Here's a pile of them all on top of each other (Hint: there's a lot more than 6 in this picture) after getting cleaned up:

If anyone would like a kitten, they're free to a good home, as are all Country Cats (thats the organization Ginger runs).


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