Dane Cook

I loved Vicious Circle -- probably seen it 3 times and it amused me greatly. Just watched Isolated Incident on Comedy Central and I gotta say, didn't love it. VC was funny and more "innocent" fun -- and he was much more animated. II though, he went for the hard stuff -- lots of porn and sex talk -- which can be funny and it's not that it offended me (people who know me know, thats not the kinda stuff that offends me) -- its just... maybe he was trying to hard with it? And the gross-out comedy just seemed below his talent to me.

Of course I feel like I can't criticize him because he spent 10 minutes talking about people criticizing him and how his parents both died from cancer within 9 months of each other. See, thats just depressing, not funny at all. I'm sorry Dane, I love you -- just putting out my opinion here. LOVED VC, Waiting and Employee of the month; just not the latest routine.

Although the self-assasination part was pretty funny, but you can watch that 2 minutes on youtube.

I will give this though, I watched the 1 hour on comedy central which probably had some good stuff cut out. And I'd probably go see him live anyway if I had the chance.


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