I bought this catnip plant in hopes that Jack wont keep killing my plants. I fear this will end in some horrible unforseen way.

EDIT: I don't mind Jack eating my plants. I've made sure all the ones that are toxic to cats are by my front door so he can't get to them. And I want to have plants but I'm not going to stop letting he and Tabs go out on the balcony as they please. The problem is, he kills them. He eats the entire thing, or sometimes he just pulls their roots up. Once he knocked over the pot, took all the plants and dirt out and then sat in the empty pot to show me his accomplishment. He kills them all.

I'm hoping he'll be attracted to the cat nip and prefer it to all the other plants. Though, I'm worried he'll be stoned all the time. Hopefully he'll let Tabs have some leaves. She doesn't eat the other plants.


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