Spam & Apology

EDIT I've edited out all the references to Hobby Lobby below. Why? Because I was completely wrong -- Hobby Lobby did not sell me out. In fact, the are so awesome as to regularly google themselves and reply to any complaints (see comments below). I respect this very much. I apologize for my assumption and mouthing off on here on my blog. I've always frequented Hobby Lobby (I <3 Arts & Crafts) and will continue to do so -- you should too. They seem like good people. Plus they have major sales frequently and who doesn't like Hobby Lobby?

I am sorry, Mr Parker and Hobby Lobby.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ORIGINAL POST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Either Gmail has changed their spam filter to some very shitty version of its formal self... or HL sold me out. I'm gearing up on making stained glass so I need supplies on sale. So I signed up for the HL mailing list and opted in for weekly specials only. (HL puts random departments at 50% off every week.) I specifically opted out of "sharing my information with their partners." Now my spam has increased dramatically.

Gmail was doing a fine job of filtering spam -- I'd get maybe 2 spam a week. Now I'm getting 6 a day. Fucking HL sold me out! I hope someone googles this an learns not to sign up for HL emails. Don't do it!

Migrains Suck

I had anotherophthalmic migraine this week. Does that mean these are going to be a frequent occurrence now? They both took 3 days to fully go away and started with the visual symptoms. I gotta say, the visual symptoms are kinda fascinating -- but knowing the pain thats coming kinda takes away from that. The pain came a little over an hour after the lights each time. So I guess at least you get a warning - thats nice.

This time my eyes started going wonky at about 11:00 at night. It looked like I was looking over a sea of color. You know how when you're at the beach and look out over the ocean, you see the sun shining on the waves far off into the horizon? It was like that but more colorful in the bottom of my vision. And then in the middle of my sight, it was like the swirl filter in photoshop had been used. It was kinda awesome - being that I knew It wasn't anything to worry about this time. And the visual "auras" this time were different than the first time (the color being new).

The human brain is simply fascinating -- and the way our bodies work, it just puts me in awe. The human body is a incomprehensibly complex system. I can't even comprehend how our eyes work with our brains to give us vision. It's amazing. And these light shows, blind spots, messed up vision -- well, they really drive home that sight is a weird miraculous sense that works via nerves connecting the brain and eye balls. It's very cool. Extremely painful for three days, but cool for an hour.


Sorry for the crappy photo, but its from my phone. I'll try to borrow a digital camera and get a decent picture up. I'm so proud of it!

Stained Glass

Before the solder.

Ducks/Geese/Bird things.

Had to stop while a flock of these crossed the road. So I got out to chase them. Really, I just wanted a picture but they ran.

I had a very bad day, so I think a little chasing of wild animals on the side of the road was earned.

You know who I havn't heard from in a while? The feds.

Thats not what this post is about though. Nor is it about the person who came across this blog looking to buy a Beetle. What a coincidence -- I'm selling one! (Call me, I'll give you a great deal!)

A few posts back I was writing under the influence of Ambien about how I can't remember buying a fan online while I was on Ambien - man that shit fucks you up. I left all the horrible errors in the post when I read it the next day on purpose. So anyway, at the end before I passed out, I said to remind me to tell you about the evil cat lady -- that's what this post is about.

So I was out front of the Market washing kittens when this lady walks up: "My kittens never get that big. Those your kittens?"

"No, what do you mean?"

"Dog always eat 'em"

WHAT? So then this lady proceeds to tell me that she lets her dogs eat all of the litters of kittens. It's population control, she tells me. I ask her why she doesn't get her cats fixed. She informs me that she doesn't have enough money to do that! And anyway, if they have kittens, the dogs just eat them.

What. The. Fuck.

I'm telling you - I don't curse out random strangers, these people egg me on -- they're asking for it.

I tried to ignore her. I just stopped responding while she described why she let her dogs eat the kittens her cats have (yes, her cats -- not stray cats -- HER cats). And she wouldn't leave me the fuck alone. She kept asking about the kittens... and talking about the dead kittens.

What a fucking bitch. Obviously it's not like I'm an animal lover -- sitting there bathing kittens. What the fuck is wrong with people? She wanted to be friends! She didn't know anyone in Belvidere. Fuck you lady, I live in Madison.

What a sick bitch.

Also, hey I didn't curse her out -- I went inside and ignored her. Yay for me! Self control. (And yes, I gave her recommendations -- like maybe she could just fix the females -- and I told her to ask Ginger about it since they fix lots of strays. Shes fine with the dog eating solution though.)

Oh and if you want links to what I'm talking about and/or the story about the feds, I'm too lazy to dig them up. And if sexy fed is reading this, how about lunch? You know where I work.

Your incompitance is astounding.

Today I had to go back to the cancer institute to have some blood drawn. I've been there twice before and both times it was a horrible experience being that they have no idea what they are doing. Today was no different.

I signed in with the receptionist, payed my balance and waited. For an hour. Then I went back up to the receptionist and asked how long the wait was going to be. Oh look at that, I'm not on their schedule! Did they discover this when she checked me in and took my money an hour ago? No. I don't even know how this is possible being that they called to remind me of the appointment.

Also, as usual, the nurses have no idea how to draw blood. One tried 3 times before she gave up -- and each time she insisted on digging around with the needle trying to find the vein. GIVE UP. Of course, I was nice to her and reassured her that it was fine (because I think she was about to cry). But it took her three big fails to give up. And for some reason the last hole got a bandaid but not the previous two. I do not understand this. They all bled.

These people kill me. I also had to remind them AGAIN, that I am the Karen C with a thyroid problem -- not the Karen C with breast cancer. I've asked them to put a note in the file that says there are two of us, but they never do. And for some reason they always think I'm the other Karen. They've yet to get it right without my correction.

If I didn't know this was a real animal, you'd never be able to convince me.

Watch at least until he falls.

Ambien Effect

On days I have to be up early, I take a tiny dose of Ambein to kick me off to dream land. It usually kicks in when I'm online checking the woot sites, sneak peeking to see if any of tomorrows comics or something along these lines while I am mentally impaired. This is my nighttime routine -- I'm a geek, deal.

So Friday I wake up and go to work -- check my email and find order confirmations. Apparently I bought a fan. I have no recollection of buying a fan. But I mean I been meaning to get one so it's ok -- its just that I don't remember Deciding to buy a fan and then actually buying it.

I also don't remember some posts I posted right before bed. Like this one. This must be what the morning after drinking is like.

Remind me to tell you about the evil cat lady I almost attacked while Working with the kitties. Every time I help Ginger out, I end up telling someone off. This time i ressited! But the story must still be shared.

Kittens! (1 of 2)

Today I went up to the Belvidere Market for the Jazz Fest this weekend. Really I went up to help Ginger out with a new batch of kittens.

These 12 kittens were dropped off one night at the Humane Society. The Humane Society was going to go ahead and euthanize them since they apparently have some good reason I can't think of for killing a box of kittens. So a girl who works there called Ginger who went and picked them up. Now a box of kittens isn't as cute as you might think. Someone didn't want these kittens and dropped them off for someone who also didn't want the kittens and they ended up at the market. So basically, they're little and can't take care of themselves and haven't bee eating very well -- if at all. So... they smell horrible and are covered in diarrhea. Hence me driving up to clean them up and get them adoptable since Gingers so busy right now with the Jazz Fest.

So I cleaned them all up as best I could. Precious little kittens. Here's a pile of them all on top of each other (Hint: there's a lot more than 6 in this picture) after getting cleaned up:

If anyone would like a kitten, they're free to a good home, as are all Country Cats (thats the organization Ginger runs).

Kittens! (2 of 2)

This is my favorite kitten. He was a little bugger! So much personality and so adorable. He reminded me of Jack. And he had one orange paw which made him completely irresistible.

He ended up going home with one of the Country Cats board members. Along with one of his brothers. She said she might name him "Biggun" which makes me happy. Thats what I call Jack. It's a southern term of affection.

The shirt is mine!

Just bought this shirt. Couldn't BE more excited.

It sold out before I could grab it for $10, but the extra 5 is totally worth it.

Just a tad scary.

Either these dolls have motion sensors or this aisle is possessed. I cannot get them to do it again. Sleeping with the lights on tonight.

Kia Advertising

I know the Kia commercial is a cheap ploy for people like me to post it on their blogs... and dammit its WORKING. The hamsters in the car fucking kill me.

This commercial makes me happy.

Scotland - Making it happen.

The more I think about Scotland, the more of an impossible goal it seems to be. How will I find a place to live? How will I get me, my mom, both cats, and my shit there? You have to get an apartment set up in advance, how will I do that? How will I know where to live? How will i get around? And cost of living is higher there (it seems -- apartments are very expensive) - can I make that work? It seems insurmountable sometimes.

The where to live and how to get that found and set up seems like the hardest part. I had been thinking I could arrange that from the States -- but the more I think about it the more I realize I'll probably have to make a trip in advance of the move to figure some things out. That will be expensive. How will I get that money?

So Monday I'm going to get the forms from HR to do auto deductions on my paycheck and set up a new savings account to dump the deductions into. I'm thinking 50 or 75 per paycheck. That will give me $1,200 @ 50 or $1,800 @ 75 a year. In two years when I have my degree and am trying to make the move happen, that will be $2,400 or $3,600 saved. I'll probably go with $75 per paycheck and see if I can make that work, if I can't I can drop to 50 and toss over extra when I can afford it. That way I'll at least have the money for a good trip over to set things up and some left towards the move too. At worst I can get a loan to make the actual move happen. The work visa won't be a problem as I already qualify as is.

Of course I have to get hired too... ;)

Dane Cook

I loved Vicious Circle -- probably seen it 3 times and it amused me greatly. Just watched Isolated Incident on Comedy Central and I gotta say, didn't love it. VC was funny and more "innocent" fun -- and he was much more animated. II though, he went for the hard stuff -- lots of porn and sex talk -- which can be funny and it's not that it offended me (people who know me know, thats not the kinda stuff that offends me) -- its just... maybe he was trying to hard with it? And the gross-out comedy just seemed below his talent to me.

Of course I feel like I can't criticize him because he spent 10 minutes talking about people criticizing him and how his parents both died from cancer within 9 months of each other. See, thats just depressing, not funny at all. I'm sorry Dane, I love you -- just putting out my opinion here. LOVED VC, Waiting and Employee of the month; just not the latest routine.

Although the self-assasination part was pretty funny, but you can watch that 2 minutes on youtube.

I will give this though, I watched the 1 hour on comedy central which probably had some good stuff cut out. And I'd probably go see him live anyway if I had the chance.


I know this picture is dark but she is just so adorable when she plays!

This-or-That Tuesday - throwback!

In missing This or That Tuesdays, I looked up the old website. It's just a spam site now. So I googled and found one on someone's blog from March 4, 2003. Here we go:

1. Soup or salad? Soup always -- I hate salad. If I'm stuck with a salad, I eat the crutons and let someone else have the rest. But with soup there are so many varieties -- soups I actually want to eat! Like O'Charleys potato soup. Mmmmm.

2. Hot or cold sandwiches? Hot. Give me some warm toasted bread with turkey and ham or just toast, lettuce, mayo, and bacon. Mmmmmmmm, bacon.

3. White or whole wheat bread (or rye, etc)? I get whole grain white. Just not feeling the wheat varieties. Though Rye or sourdough is best for ruban sandwiches and I had this awesome turkey on rye at Atlanta Bread the other day that blew me away. I buy white for my house though -- makes better toast for sandwiches.

4. Pack a lunch for work/school, or buy it?
Buy it. Long ago I intend to bring my lunch more often. That never happened. I always buy.

5. If you eat out…fast-food, chain, or mom & pop type place?
I got to mostly chain restaurants (5 Guys, Chilis, Jasons, Market Place, Nothing but Noodles, Cracker Barrel ect). I do however like a few mom and pops ESPECIALLY PAPA GYROS. I <3 Papa Gyros. Rolos is good and cheap too. Are Ol Heidleburg and Sitar considered mom-and-pop since they aren't chains?

6. Tuna or chicken salad? Chicken Salad mostly. I crave tuna sometimes (maybe twice a year or even less) and will continue to crave it more and more until I get it. But after a few bites, I'm good again. I like chicken salad all the time.

7. Cheese: Swiss or cheddar (or American, etc)? Sharp Cheddar hands down favorite. Best combo for grilled cheese: Sharp Cheddar and plain Havarti.

8. Mustard or mayo? Mayo. I'm southern.

9. Sandwiches: wrap/pita pocket, or regular bread/roll? I'll have the bread/roll sandwich, please pitas are gross and I have to be in the mood for a wrap.

10. Sweet stuff: cookie/cake or fresh fruit? Oh man, anyone wanna take a guess at my answer? Give me the cookies and cakes!

This or That Tuesday*

The Animal Planet channel just informed me that I'm more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark. Fuck that, I'll take the lightning ANY day. Lightning shocks you fast and knocks you out. Also, lighting is on my turf -- land -- so it somehow seems more fair.

A shark though, it'll rip your fucking limbs off and you'll still be awake and struggling and bleeding out into warm salt water. And you can't see it! Thats not cool. At best you'll get away with horrible scars and a few chunks of flesh missing.

Sharks give me nightmares.

*Title note: Don't you miss This or That Tuesdays? I do.

Holy crap! This cruise ship travels between New York and the UK and allows pets! I'm ordering a information package immediately.


I bought this catnip plant in hopes that Jack wont keep killing my plants. I fear this will end in some horrible unforseen way.

EDIT: I don't mind Jack eating my plants. I've made sure all the ones that are toxic to cats are by my front door so he can't get to them. And I want to have plants but I'm not going to stop letting he and Tabs go out on the balcony as they please. The problem is, he kills them. He eats the entire thing, or sometimes he just pulls their roots up. Once he knocked over the pot, took all the plants and dirt out and then sat in the empty pot to show me his accomplishment. He kills them all.

I'm hoping he'll be attracted to the cat nip and prefer it to all the other plants. Though, I'm worried he'll be stoned all the time. Hopefully he'll let Tabs have some leaves. She doesn't eat the other plants.

Marshmallow not included

This probably shouldn't amuse me so much.

EDIT: This was a package of Publix brand "chocolate covered grams", in case that wasn't as obvious as I thought it would be. No, I didn't buy them. They're damn good but my lord, have you looked at the nutrition information on those things? They'll kill you with their deliciousness!

Also, I apologize that the camera on my phone sucks ass. It's either this or no picture posts, and I rather like sending the picture posts from my phone throughout the day.

I hate my downstairs neighbors exwife/girlfriend/stalker

My downstairs neighbor has this ex wife. She has three tattoos - one for the name of each husband -- different fonts even. Downstairs neighbor got the left breast, in case you were wondering. And she seems to think I'm her new best friend. She's told the downstairs neighbors that I went to high school with her and I'm not even from here! She's told her mom about me (her new best friend) and I really really dislike her. A lot. She knocks on my door all the time -- and if I don't answer she just keeps banging. (She wants to talk, needs a ride, needs a steak knife, tampons, a lighter...) I usually only talk to her from my balcony -- shes never entered or seen the interior of my apartment. No idea what gives her the impression that I like her. I guess it's just the fact that I don't ignore her. She's bat shit insane.

And my downstairs neighbor keeps kicking her out and that just leads her to ask me if I can give her a ride home because she can't drive, doesn't have a phone, and doesn't have a friend willing to come get her (I refuse every time, obviously). And between the kick-outs and breakups, she tells me how hes changed and loves her. And then they get into another fight and breakup again. And make ugly and loud scenes. And then they're in love again. And then the other downstairs neighbor tried to rape her (don't believe this one). And she apparently has cancer as she tells me every time she sees me. And she has a career (even though she just helps her mom out and doesn't make a dime) as she also tells me. And shes always calling herself a classy women.

People, you don't become classy by calling yourself classy. Real classy people don't even use the word classy.

So now I keep the lights mostly off in my apartment so she'll think I'm asleep or not home. And I'm scared of the dark!

Oh and shes twice called me "heifer." She's the same size as me and I think she just thinks we're best friends and I don't mind. So I get home the other night from the longest day ever, and what do I hear when I get out of my car? "HEY HEIFER!"

Oh. My. God. She traps me at my door to tell me how downstairs neighbor has turned a new leaf and wants to get married again. And she just keeps talking.

So I tell her, I have a thyroid disorder and am getting radiation for it and am just too tired and all I want to do is go to bed (lie). So first she jumps on the thyroid thing and tells me she has a thyroid problem too and thats why we're fat! Gee, thanks! And she asks me if thats where all my hair went.

Oh. My. God. Like I need someone to point out that I'm fat and have no hair -- because I didn't notice or anything. And dammit -- I thought my hair had been looking pretty great lately.

I tell her I've never had thick hair. And for some reason she tells me I have a great ass for a white girl. I tell her it's fat (being that she just pointed out my obesity twice). And she says no, I probably had a great ass when I was skinny too. I tell her I've never been skinny -- ever. She says I'm lying because I have a skinny face and all my weights in my stomach.

GEE, THANKS FOR THAT REVELATION. So basically, at my door step I've just been called a heifer, fat, hairless, fat, and disproportional. Thanks.

I. Hate. Her.

I think I finally figured out her name though. She kept talking about this girl, and I have this theory that she was talking about herself in third person. I'm not going to test this theory, but I think I'm right.

She reminds me of Leonardra (real name) from highschool and her gang of girls who made my life hell and contributed greatly to my hate of life and wish for death during highschool. I think i'd have been less suicidal without her. I hope shes dead by now. I asked my mom if she died yet (being that this chick reminded me of her) and she said she didn't think so. Shame. I hope she at least got a psychiatrist.

She's also always trying to trick me into saying I've seen her ex with different girls. I haven't but she doesn't believe me and thinks I'm lying to her because I have the hots for him too. They just renewed their lease, ugh. But whats really sad is that this is still a million times better than my last place. I don't think she plans to shoot me. Maybe. Hopefully.

Star Trek (the 2009 film)

I saw Star Trek this weekend. It was AWESOME. Beyond awesome. I had high hopes for it and it surpassed my expectations. It was surprisingly hilarious. Perfect execution of a movie. It had just a little bit of cheesiness to harken back to the original series (not too much at all, and this is coming from me who didn't even like the original series because of too much camp). There were a ton of explosions and every actor you love. If you are a geek and have a favorite actor, I'm betting he was in it.

Dude, Simon Pegg played Scottie -- and he was fucking perfect. The casting was insanely spot-on. Will Wheaton even made a very brief cameo! I'm voting this the best Star Trek movie ever (coming from a Next Generation fan). It's a reboot of the series -- which I thought would disappoint me, but no -- bring on the reboot!

After being so upset by Xmen Origins Wolverine, I was worried this movie would suck ass too (FUCK YOU FOR RUNING DEADPOOL and ripping off Ryan Reynolds) -- but it didn't. In fact, it was so awesome that it has renewed my faith in movies which waned after The Soloist and Wolverine. I can't wait to see it again -- I'll be going at least once more before it's out of theaters. Five stars from me for SURE. Go see it, even if you don't like Star Trek - go.



Cindy sent me this awesome candle burner as i just because present. How awesome is that? I love it!

I just spent near 30

I just spent near 30 minutes ranting about the character butchery in 'XMen: Wolverine' to my coworkers. Damn it, they ruined Deadpool!

I have an ophthalmic migraine and the best doctor in the world.

I have an ophthalmic (eye) migraine and the best doctor in the world. I love my doctor, have I ever said that? I've probably been seeing him over 5 years, and I loved him from the start. If you're looking for a doctor in Huntsville or Madison Alabama, I can't recommend him enough:

Dr James Makemson
Makemson Family Medicine
250 Chateau Dr SW # 210
Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 880-4690
(They're in the Crestwood Hospital Professional Building)

He sang the Beverly Hillbillies theme song to me today -- would your doctor do that? He's also never in a hurry to get rid of you. He sits down and has a fucking conversation. He's always quick to return calls (sometimes himself after hours) and his office staff is nice too. And he's good no less. And I've never had a problem being fit in to his schedule. I called today to ask if I should go to the hospital and the office staff fit me in right away. They whole practice is awesome, and I've never had a doctors office or a doctor I could say that about. I trust the man immensely, he's always taken care of me and fixed me up. GREAT doctor.

Anyway, enough about the doctor. Now on to why I went.

I couldn't see. Seriously, I thought I was going blind. I was playing Spider Solitaire (up to 2 suites now) on the computer (come on, I didn't have anything better to do -- I was waiting on a meeting at work). So one minute I'm playing the game, then the next minute I couldn't read the cards. I couldn't read anything. It seemed like I had been staring at the sun for an hour. I could see, but I couldn't focus and certainly couldn't read. I tried to look up the symptoms on the internet -- but couldn't read anything. I couldn't even find my doctors number in my cell phone. I couldn't see.

It went from a sun spot to a giant blind spot in the middle of my vision. Then a blind spot to my right. And it was both eyes. All in all, it lasted almost an hour. And then when I got my eyes back, I had a SPLITTING headache. It actually felt better when I banged my head on my desk and began hitting my forehead with the heel of my palm. Seriously. So this all happened at lunch time so I had to wait for the doctors office to open back up. I call to see if I should worry about this. The office person said it sounded like a migraine but that I should come in because of the vision symptoms. So I went in.

On the drive over, my head hurt so bad that I was shaking and about to vomit -- but I made it. After practically laying out in the waiting room smashing my eyeballs with my fists, I actually felt better. Then I got to go back to a room where I could lay on the table and cover my eyes with my hands. After this I started to feel even better. Then the doc came in and had a look and said it was an ocular migraine.

No shit, migraines can make you not see? I've never had a migraine before. I hardly ever even get headaches. And who knew a fucking migraine could make you not see? And thats when he sang the beverly hillbillies song (Let me tell you a story bought a man named Jed...) and told me that the story about the time he had one. Apparently it's common and nothing to worry about unless it keeps happening. Well I feel like a moron for going to the doctor for that. He offered me a prescription, but I declined (believe it or not, I do have a high pain tolerance and I already take enough pills). He said the best thing to do was to go home and go to bed. Now thats some advice I like! So I went home and slept for 6 hours. Woke up around 10. No headache when I woke up -- until I started watching Top Gear and checking my email. Now my head hurts again -- but not nearly as much.

So weird isn't it? I still feel like an idiot for going to the doctor but hey, the more you know...

"Ocular Migraine Symptoms

"People with ocular migraines can have a variety of visual symptoms. Typically you will see a small, enlarging blind spot (scotoma) in your central vision with bright, flickering lights (scintillations) or a shimmering zig-zag line (metamorphopsia) inside the blind spot. The blind spot usually enlarges and may move across your field of vision. This entire migraine phenomenon may end in only a few minutes, but usually lasts as long as about 20-30 minutes.

"Generally, ocular migraines are considered harmless. Usually they are painless, cause no permanent visual or brain damage and do not require treatment."

Althought that last bit about it being painless is a GIANT LOAD OF SHIT.


So I saw Xmen Origins: Wolverine today. There were some laughs and the 10 minutes that Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds) was in it was completely awesome! He was by far the best character in the movie -- and everyones favorite from the comics. And they fucked him up so bad. Here's what he was like in the 10 minutes they gave him -- awesome:

And THEN they just fucked up the entire thing. SPOILERS: First, they said he was killed by sabertooth and so he wasn't in 90 minutes of the movie at all. THEN: THEN, they combined Wade Wilson with Weapon XI -- how fucked up is that? That was just one of the horrible plot butchery of the film. He comes back as Weapon XI at the end -- played by a different actor, totally fucked up, no mouth (no wise cracks!?), no eyelids and no brain of his own. It was HORRIBLE. Fuck you whoever wrote the screen play -- FUCK YOU.

I can only hope that this movie will be declared not canon and they'll let Ryan Reynolds make the Deadpool movies he's been wanting to make for years -- the one where Deadpool is like he was in the comics and a total awesome, crazy badass. Or at least let the rumors of dispair be true that Weapon XI was made form a clone of Wade Wilson and not Wade himself.

Here's a interview with Ryan Reynolds about the movie -- I think you can read between the lines and see he's not real happy with what happened to the character. And he talks about the Deadpool movie he wants to make towards the end.

Wade Wilson and Gambit were really where this one could have shined and they totally blew it with those characters. And whats with Cyclops being shown in all the trailers? He had maybe 7 minutes of screen time (5 of which consists of him in the classroom and is completely pointless to the movie).

So here's why I'm pissed -- you either make a movie for the fans (where you don't fuck up their favorite characters and completely make up shit up and fuck with the story) or you make a movie for more general audiences (in which case you don't throw in as many characters as possible when they serve no point what-so-ever in the movie). You can't do both. If you wanted one for the fans - Sabertooth and Wolverine are NOT brothers, Deadpool is not Weapon XI, Deadpool also wasn't even in Wolverines back story. If you want one for general audiences, stop throwing in every character you can possibly cram in when it makes no sense.

I heard Magneto might be the next "origins" character. Lame. Deadpool need his own Origins movie -- where he is the main character and he is like he was in the books. I think Ryan Reynolds should direct it -- he knows how to do it right.

//end rant

I also saw The Soloist this weekend. It sucked too. Robert Downey Junior couldn't even save that one. Seeing the new Star Trek this Friday -- it can't possibly be as much of a let down as these two were.


It's come to my attention recently that my Tabitha isn't all that bright. It's not her fault, she's a sweet heart, just not very smart. Of course she's being compared to Jack, the devil trickster of cats (who, by the way, has been bringing offerings to the new cardboard scratcher most of this evening), so the scales also a bit skewed. She reminds me of Winston though.

We used to raise beagles when I was little. Most were smart as a whip -- as beagles tend to be -- but not Winston. I think if you measured dog IQs, Winston would have been around a 60. God bless him, he was the sweetest dog. Dumb as a fucking rock. He didn't even run correctly -- he ran in this odd not-right way. LOL. He wasn't even a good looking dog, he was just... Winston.

Naturally, he couldn't think for himself -- he just did what the other dogs did. He particularly did was Jesse and Earl did -- two of his litter-mates. He was glued to them. Poor Earl wasn't a genius himself (he couldn't figure out how to use the feeder so he was always only able to eat when Jesse did), but Jesse was smart as a whip. And one day, the 3 of them weren't there. They were nowhere to be found. We knew Winston couldn't have figured out how to get out -- he wouldn't have wanted to even if he did -- the dog was the happiest dog you've ever seen. But we had lost him plus two more, and Jesse and Earl were valuable. All three were gone -- didn't even come home that night. Then we got a call from the pound in the morning.

Apparently, all three were picked up and taken to the pound. And poor Winston, the second he saw us come to get him he peed everywhere. And then he peed all over the lobby while we did paper work. And then he peed in the car on the way home. He couldn't help himself -- he was thrilled. He was always thrilled. He was a good dog.

Anyway, I don't think Tabs is quite as stupid as Winston was. But when I figured out that shes not too smart I was disappointed. I have a dumb cat. But then I remembered Winston. He was my favorite beagle. And Tabitha is the sweet cat.

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