Mondays SUCK - a rant.

So today sucked. I rode to work and home with Beth -- shes a good friend, as noted in the previous post. Then it all went down hill.

I had lunch with Kyle - i paid in exchange for him driving and he didn't even thank me. I mean thats just rude and irked me, you know? And people at work today were so loud all day.

And here's one: why does the world revolve around the cold-natured? Tell me that. A thermostat in the building (not conencted to the air conditioner, just one on a coworkers desk) read the internal temp at 77 degrees. Now thats fucking 4 degrees above "room temperature" which is seventy-fucking-three. And the bitches are still griping about how fucking cold it is and demanding that the air conditioner be turned off.

Get. A. Fucking. Jacket.

You know what? I dont get to the demand that the heater be turned off in winter when I get too hot. I don't get to demand that they turn the fucking air conditioner on when its 80 damn degrees inside (which is was yesterday) -- and I have a bonified god damned medical condition. But the fucking cold natured winny asses always get their way. SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME. Why am I the only person who acknowledges that room temperature is 73 degrees? Huh? Answer me that. I keep my home at 62 -- but I'm not asking them to turn the air at work down to 62 -- im just asking for fucking normal room temperature.

Dammit. I swear if I ever kill another human being, it will be over air-conditioning. And the news people will talk about it an how they can't understand. Oh I understand -- they were fucking whiny inconsiderate babies and they deserved it. Thats what it is.

Sorry, did I rant too much about that last one? Moving on.

A while back I worked on a banner for some troops we support at work. I spent damn near 2 days on this banner. It was perfect -- I had to use carpenters squares and everything to make it perfect. It looked like you had it printed. It was good work. Then today its on the front page of the company newsletter. I didn't even notice until Messick emailed me and pointed this out.

There's a giant picture of everyone with the banner in front of an Abrams -- a picture that had to be taken the same day they got the banner from me. A picture that was framed and sent along to the troops with the banner. Was I invited to be in it? Nope. And thats not the worst part -- after a long story about sending the banner there was one sentence thanking KAREN JONES for her work on the banner. UGH.

Now I know I didn't do it for the recognition and I did it for those poor bastards far from home fighting for our contry. But damn, there isn't even a Karen Jones at the goddamn company. Can we use a directory? Apparently not. Next time they need someone to spend 2 days on a banner, they can email Mrs Jones!

There was some other stuff too. But thats all I care to rant about. I'm gonna go watch the invisible man.


Blogger penn said...

I dislike hot places too -- I'm so with you. Well, I also dislike overly cold places (say, for example, the movie theater most of the time), but I just make sure I have a jacket there. I keep my thermostat between 60 and 66, depending on the time of day, and that works for me. I really dislike it when it is much hotter than that, and there's nothing worse than sitting at your desk and roasting.

4:54 PM  

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