Isolation: Day 2

I watched some movies today. "Shaun of the Dead", this horrible Sci-Fi flick called "The Furnace" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

I took a nap too.

I've got some self hate going on for being so lazy. Which is odd because this is like my vacation -- and I'm hating myself for being so lazy. It's kinda like when we're in Florida and my family wants to go to the shopping outlets in Destin and they're asking me if I wanna go while I'm building a sand castle -- and its like, I just wanna sit here and play in the sand and then go to the pool and the go upstairs and watch some free HBO. I always end up going to the outlet malls though because I feel bad for being lazy. And I'm having that now. I was actually kinda of sick at myself for sleeping so much and watching so many movies. I could at least clean my house. My house isn't even that dirty. I could clean it though. And do the laundry. I feel like shit for being so lazy and just sitting around watching movies, sleeping and eating.

See why I have a psychiatrist?

Holy fuck has it only been two days?

Update -- 2 hours later: OK, now the house is really clean.


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