I declare

I declare that this summer I will go to the pool at least once per week. Even if there are lots of stupid children running around and splashing me. I will put on my bathing suit and do a little swimming and laying out at least once per week.

I really like to go to the pool. I don't swim laps or anything, I just like to play around in the pool. It's fun. And I like to get tan -- its sexy. I love the pool. And this whole burning up due to thyroid problems is only making me dream even more about when the pools will open. I tried on my old bathingsuits -- I'm ready to go. Lets go!

Last summer we went -- what -- maybe 3 times? Thats bullshit. I'm going once a week bare minimum and the more who want to join me the merrier. We have the edgewater pool (if you landing folks will join) and the reserve pool (if Beth or John will join) and then worst case scenario, the pool here at my apartments. I'll be letting the group know when I plan to spend a few hours at the pool so we can make a group of it if yall want. I always love going in the evening after work, but I also want to go for some day time fun so we can get some sun.


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