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I was just looking through old pictures and I never thought I'd say this, but for a minute I missed my old apartment. It was my first home. I see the spot where I fist picked up Tabitha, The blinds Jack tore up, the kitchen, my excitement at moving in -- my first place! My own place! I remember my first weeks there -- absolutely thrilled with life.

Man, it was a shit hole too. It was my shit hole though. It's entered the area of fond memories for me. Of course, I can say that now that I'm gone.


Bad news: I've developed the eye disease thats commonly associated with Graves Disease. I thin k something like 50% of people with Graves end up with the eye problems. Most commonly the eye bulge out (yay for bug-eyes!). Do a image search for "Graves Disease Eyes." Here, I'll do it for you (clicky). Yeah, not attractive. Man my eyes are my best feature -- I can't have messed up eyes! And some people go blind -- how fucked up is that? I can't be blind. I mean, I do software -- I've spent years learning to code -- how can I code without being able to see the computer screen? How can I drive? I CANT. Obviously the risk of blindness is pretty damn low there. Also, I'm under docs supervision so we'd catch any compression of the optic nerve pretty quickly -- but still. Man, Graves fucking sucks.

Oh, maybe I should back up there. My left eye has been watering on and off for probably weeks now. Didn't think much of it until this weekend it started watering and never stopped. I looked like I was crying constantly. And my eye was/is sore. It hurts to squint, it hurts to look to the left. By Monday I couldn't even wipe the tears away until they fell down my cheek because it hurt to touch near my eye. And I've had this constant headache -- I never get headaches. It feels like when you have massive sinus pressure -- just behind the eye instead of over your nose. It sucks.

Conveniently, I had a doc with the eye doctor scheduled this week (my yearly exam). Good news: pressure in my eye is good and my optic nerve is fine. Bad news: the muscles that control my eye are swollen/inflamed. And yeah, Graves. Lame disease -- LAME.

Man I can't get bug-eyed!

Anyway, doc gave be some steroids suspended in a sterile eye-drop solution to put in my eye 4 times a day (I forgot the name of the exact RX). Good news -- my eyes not watering anymore! Still hurts though.

Also, since I was there and I insurance covers new lenses every year, I decided to get some prescription sunglasses. This decision might have been affected by the fear of going bug-eyed. I mean, if my eyes bulge out, I'm going to wear sunglasses 24-7. People can just think I'm a vampire or something. But hey, even without that -- I can have sunglasses to wear while driving -- and at the beach -- and at the pool! So I ordered up a snazzy pair. They'll be here next week!

You know to replace the lenses in my current frames was going to be $202 after insurance paid their dues? How crazy is that? I know they're nice lenses, I have all the options covered - but my lord. My prescription itself barely changed. With my current (old) lenses I have 20/20 vision. The new prescription would bring me back to 20/15 (which these lenses did when I got them last year). Well I already have perfect vision -- why owuld i pay over 200 bucks for new lenses? Thats bull shit is what that is.

Oh but look, these sunglasses with all the coatings I want would only be 187 out of pocket... So yeah, no brainer. Can't wait to get them!


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