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Somewhere in the Madsion area is a set of keys. One to my apartment, and the other is to my old Civic. The only key to the Civic. So if you find them in a ditch somewhere, drop me an email. There really aren't any identifying characteristics, no keychain or anything. Oh, hey, but there might be some chapstick nearby. So yeah, if you find them, I really need that Civic key.

Other than that, I had so much fun this evening! I had dinner with Kyle which was surprisingly pleasant -- and the food was AWESOME. And we rode around on his motorcycle which was so much fun. Man I want a motorcycle so bad. Anyway, the keys joined me when we got on the motorcycle, but by the end of the evening they were no longer with us. Oddly my phone and wallet survived the trip. Lucky I guess.

So I have two cars: the Beetle that doesn't move and the Civic without a key. Heh. Oh well, worst case scenario, I pay a lot of money to have a key made. Not the end of the world. Still had more fun than I have in a good while.

Happy Easter, everyone!


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