Have You Seen This Cat?

God, this amuses me more than you can possibly imagine. It just doesn't get old for me.

Swine Flu


Sorry, couldn't resist. Everyone else is doing it...

Blah Blah Blah

I was just looking through old pictures and I never thought I'd say this, but for a minute I missed my old apartment. It was my first home. I see the spot where I fist picked up Tabitha, The blinds Jack tore up, the kitchen, my excitement at moving in -- my first place! My own place! I remember my first weeks there -- absolutely thrilled with life.

Man, it was a shit hole too. It was my shit hole though. It's entered the area of fond memories for me. Of course, I can say that now that I'm gone.


Bad news: I've developed the eye disease thats commonly associated with Graves Disease. I thin k something like 50% of people with Graves end up with the eye problems. Most commonly the eye bulge out (yay for bug-eyes!). Do a image search for "Graves Disease Eyes." Here, I'll do it for you (clicky). Yeah, not attractive. Man my eyes are my best feature -- I can't have messed up eyes! And some people go blind -- how fucked up is that? I can't be blind. I mean, I do software -- I've spent years learning to code -- how can I code without being able to see the computer screen? How can I drive? I CANT. Obviously the risk of blindness is pretty damn low there. Also, I'm under docs supervision so we'd catch any compression of the optic nerve pretty quickly -- but still. Man, Graves fucking sucks.

Oh, maybe I should back up there. My left eye has been watering on and off for probably weeks now. Didn't think much of it until this weekend it started watering and never stopped. I looked like I was crying constantly. And my eye was/is sore. It hurts to squint, it hurts to look to the left. By Monday I couldn't even wipe the tears away until they fell down my cheek because it hurt to touch near my eye. And I've had this constant headache -- I never get headaches. It feels like when you have massive sinus pressure -- just behind the eye instead of over your nose. It sucks.

Conveniently, I had a doc with the eye doctor scheduled this week (my yearly exam). Good news: pressure in my eye is good and my optic nerve is fine. Bad news: the muscles that control my eye are swollen/inflamed. And yeah, Graves. Lame disease -- LAME.

Man I can't get bug-eyed!

Anyway, doc gave be some steroids suspended in a sterile eye-drop solution to put in my eye 4 times a day (I forgot the name of the exact RX). Good news -- my eyes not watering anymore! Still hurts though.

Also, since I was there and I insurance covers new lenses every year, I decided to get some prescription sunglasses. This decision might have been affected by the fear of going bug-eyed. I mean, if my eyes bulge out, I'm going to wear sunglasses 24-7. People can just think I'm a vampire or something. But hey, even without that -- I can have sunglasses to wear while driving -- and at the beach -- and at the pool! So I ordered up a snazzy pair. They'll be here next week!

You know to replace the lenses in my current frames was going to be $202 after insurance paid their dues? How crazy is that? I know they're nice lenses, I have all the options covered - but my lord. My prescription itself barely changed. With my current (old) lenses I have 20/20 vision. The new prescription would bring me back to 20/15 (which these lenses did when I got them last year). Well I already have perfect vision -- why owuld i pay over 200 bucks for new lenses? Thats bull shit is what that is.

Oh but look, these sunglasses with all the coatings I want would only be 187 out of pocket... So yeah, no brainer. Can't wait to get them!

Im at my nephews bday party blowing up balloons. I also have a crown like on the dr who christmas special!


This guy is driving a yellow pod. I wanna drive it!

Edit: That guy had one slow and bumpy ride. I still wanna drive it though. I also don't know if the giant inflatable gorilla is cheering him on or attacking.


If this is the same person, she didn't just have her teeth fixed. She must have also had a nose job, mole removal, had her butt chin fixed, lost weight and aged 20 years.

We prefer "mentally impaired"

Today I went to the psychiatrist. On my way into the office, I noticed a ton of caterpillars on the concrete in front of the door. I felt bad for them -- they were nowhere near grass or trees and surely burning up on the hot concrete. They reminded me of when I was little and played with ones just like them. Cute little fuzzy buggers.

So when I leave the office, I decide that they need to be saved. So I grab a piece of paper an begin gathering them up. Most were already dead, two had already begun cocooning to the ground but the others I grabbed up to take to the woods. It took a while to gather them up -- mostly due to the fact that I was scared when they moved to grab my finger and would jerk back every time. I should also note here that I was talking to them.

So there I am - outside of the psychiatrists office - crawling on the ground picking up things and telling them I was just trying to help. Alas, someone is cautiously approaching me.

"What are you picking up there?"

"Caterpillars." I hold them up for her to see.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh" -- the knowing oh of someone talking to a child. Oh my god she thought I was retarded. I must explain:

"It's hot out here and they're dying on the concrete -- see" I point to a few who had already died.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh" -- fuck me, must say more:

"They can't be butterflies here." ... I doubt this eloquent sentence convinced her of my intelligence.

And then she walked away.

So yeah, there's one more person in the world who thinks I'm mentally disabled. My psychiatrist saw me doing this but didn't say anything. I bet she made a note to ask me about it next month. Fuck me. I WAS SAVING THE CATERPILLARS.

I took them to the woods and put them in a nice shady spot under a tree. Live on little butterflies!


This is my psychiatrists waiting room. That one chair on the other side of the room always strikes me as odd.

Later edit: The picture is also odd. I get that the pier should be peaceful and relaxing -- but suicidal people sit here.

It's hot.

So my AC is set to 60 degrees but I wake up burning up and pouring sweat. So I get up and grab a glass of tea -- and now I'm freezing because my PJs are soaked with sweat. God dammit I'm getting worse instead of better. Time to go to 58 degrees.

My visit with the feds.

So if I don't post about this, I'll end up thinking it was just a weird dream or something I made up. Of course I recognize it's most likely going to be read by my new friends who visited me today - in which case I would like to say, Mr Note-taker, you are hot but just a tad rude -- Mr Montgomery is way nicer. So here we go, with the truth that you just can't make up:

Today at work was boring. I was working on horribly boring work but my fancy new umbrella got delivered so I knew I'd have to leave work early enough to make it home before the office closed at 5. Nice. And I don't work tomorrow -- so weekend! Woot! So comes 4:00 when my day took a very weird turn.

I had called my landlord about half an hour before to ask if my package (the snazzy umbrella) had been delivered. So I didn't find it too odd that she was calling me back. I guess I should have.

She said there were some men there that needed to speak to me and if I could now. Ok. Well, turns out some guys from the federal government needed to see me -- today. And they couldn't tell me what it was about. And they were at my apartment waiting on me. Oh fuck me.

So I course I leave work immediately -- must know whats going on. And I can't for the life of me figure out what the fuck is up. Am I abut to be arrested? He said he drove up from Montgomery to see me -- thats like 4 hours. Am I going back to Montgomery with him? What the fuck does the government want with my ass? I mean I don't make much money and I only took the standard deductions on my taxes... And is this really happening? I was totally terrified and excited at the same time. It was weird. I couldn't get home fast enough.

I stopped at the front office to get my umbrella and ask my landlady about the guy. She said there were two guys and she looked at their badges and that they were darn cute. Well damn if I didn't look like shit and have a messy house.

So I pull up to my apartment and 2 guys in suits are waiting in a car just like he told me they'd be. Here we go... They're nice and yes, cute. They ask to come inside to discuss some things. And they show me their IDs -- which was kinda cool -- they had badges. I'm easily impressed.

So what the fuck could this possibly have to do with me? Well, it was about something I posted online 2 years ago. Which is now part of a federal investigation. Which I probably shouldn't say anything specific about cause i already got in trouble for posting shit on the internet, right? They asked me a lot of questions about a lot of stuff. It was kinda freaky and I was super nervous.

Turns out you're not allowed to post pictures of your drivers license online. It's a no-no which Mr Note-taker informs me could bring charges from the state government later. But I don't see how that can be as lots of people have posted pics of their licenses -- and it's not like I've ever seen a rule that you can't post pictures of them. I mean it just doesn't make sense -- but anyway, losing my point.

I posted pictures of my current license and my old one about 2 years ago to show how much weight I've lost and make a point about my hotness. I blurred out my info and the numbers and all that, but apparently that wasn't good enough. Someone used my license pic to make a fake one of their own -- and do bad things. And Mr Montgomery's investigation led him to the original license: on my flickr account. I'm guessing flickr sold me out on where I lived and who I was. THANKS FLICKR (You're not ever getting me to sign up for a pro account now). Not that I care too much, it's just flickr.

Anyway, I explain about why I posted it and how I had no idea I was in the wrong -- and Mr Mongomery says he knows - hes seen my entire Flickr. Oh thats nice. Now I feel oddly creeped out.

So Mr Montgomery will be in touch. And I might have to testify in court. And Mr Note-taker informs me that the state can pursue criminal charges against me if they choose. Oh this is so something that would happen to me.

I don't get why Mr Montgomery didn't just email me through my flickr account. I mean he didn't have to go through all that trouble to find out who I was and then drive all the way up here to see me.

Tonys Little Italy

This is beths lunch. I had the same thing but it had a hair in it. I complained. Free 2 bites of lunch.


Thursday is popcorn day at work.


I hate having a bedtime.

Mondays SUCK - a rant.

So today sucked. I rode to work and home with Beth -- shes a good friend, as noted in the previous post. Then it all went down hill.

I had lunch with Kyle - i paid in exchange for him driving and he didn't even thank me. I mean thats just rude and irked me, you know? And people at work today were so loud all day.

And here's one: why does the world revolve around the cold-natured? Tell me that. A thermostat in the building (not conencted to the air conditioner, just one on a coworkers desk) read the internal temp at 77 degrees. Now thats fucking 4 degrees above "room temperature" which is seventy-fucking-three. And the bitches are still griping about how fucking cold it is and demanding that the air conditioner be turned off.

Get. A. Fucking. Jacket.

You know what? I dont get to the demand that the heater be turned off in winter when I get too hot. I don't get to demand that they turn the fucking air conditioner on when its 80 damn degrees inside (which is was yesterday) -- and I have a bonified god damned medical condition. But the fucking cold natured winny asses always get their way. SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME. Why am I the only person who acknowledges that room temperature is 73 degrees? Huh? Answer me that. I keep my home at 62 -- but I'm not asking them to turn the air at work down to 62 -- im just asking for fucking normal room temperature.

Dammit. I swear if I ever kill another human being, it will be over air-conditioning. And the news people will talk about it an how they can't understand. Oh I understand -- they were fucking whiny inconsiderate babies and they deserved it. Thats what it is.

Sorry, did I rant too much about that last one? Moving on.

A while back I worked on a banner for some troops we support at work. I spent damn near 2 days on this banner. It was perfect -- I had to use carpenters squares and everything to make it perfect. It looked like you had it printed. It was good work. Then today its on the front page of the company newsletter. I didn't even notice until Messick emailed me and pointed this out.

There's a giant picture of everyone with the banner in front of an Abrams -- a picture that had to be taken the same day they got the banner from me. A picture that was framed and sent along to the troops with the banner. Was I invited to be in it? Nope. And thats not the worst part -- after a long story about sending the banner there was one sentence thanking KAREN JONES for her work on the banner. UGH.

Now I know I didn't do it for the recognition and I did it for those poor bastards far from home fighting for our contry. But damn, there isn't even a Karen Jones at the goddamn company. Can we use a directory? Apparently not. Next time they need someone to spend 2 days on a banner, they can email Mrs Jones!

There was some other stuff too. But thats all I care to rant about. I'm gonna go watch the invisible man.

Beth is a good friend.

Beth is buying me Dreamland BBQ. I am so fucking hungry.

I declare

I declare that this summer I will go to the pool at least once per week. Even if there are lots of stupid children running around and splashing me. I will put on my bathing suit and do a little swimming and laying out at least once per week.

I really like to go to the pool. I don't swim laps or anything, I just like to play around in the pool. It's fun. And I like to get tan -- its sexy. I love the pool. And this whole burning up due to thyroid problems is only making me dream even more about when the pools will open. I tried on my old bathingsuits -- I'm ready to go. Lets go!

Last summer we went -- what -- maybe 3 times? Thats bullshit. I'm going once a week bare minimum and the more who want to join me the merrier. We have the edgewater pool (if you landing folks will join) and the reserve pool (if Beth or John will join) and then worst case scenario, the pool here at my apartments. I'll be letting the group know when I plan to spend a few hours at the pool so we can make a group of it if yall want. I always love going in the evening after work, but I also want to go for some day time fun so we can get some sun.

Always Something

Somewhere in the Madsion area is a set of keys. One to my apartment, and the other is to my old Civic. The only key to the Civic. So if you find them in a ditch somewhere, drop me an email. There really aren't any identifying characteristics, no keychain or anything. Oh, hey, but there might be some chapstick nearby. So yeah, if you find them, I really need that Civic key.

Other than that, I had so much fun this evening! I had dinner with Kyle which was surprisingly pleasant -- and the food was AWESOME. And we rode around on his motorcycle which was so much fun. Man I want a motorcycle so bad. Anyway, the keys joined me when we got on the motorcycle, but by the end of the evening they were no longer with us. Oddly my phone and wallet survived the trip. Lucky I guess.

So I have two cars: the Beetle that doesn't move and the Civic without a key. Heh. Oh well, worst case scenario, I pay a lot of money to have a key made. Not the end of the world. Still had more fun than I have in a good while.

Happy Easter, everyone!


That black blob is Ms Tabitha happily snuggled up in my bed covers.

Back to normal.

Jacks back home and snoozing in my lap while I watch TV


Making a pot roast for tomorrow.

Jack & Tabitha's Bowls

I just washed the cat bowls. They're so clean and shiney... and empty. I miss them.

Isolation: Day 2

I watched some movies today. "Shaun of the Dead", this horrible Sci-Fi flick called "The Furnace" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

I took a nap too.

I've got some self hate going on for being so lazy. Which is odd because this is like my vacation -- and I'm hating myself for being so lazy. It's kinda like when we're in Florida and my family wants to go to the shopping outlets in Destin and they're asking me if I wanna go while I'm building a sand castle -- and its like, I just wanna sit here and play in the sand and then go to the pool and the go upstairs and watch some free HBO. I always end up going to the outlet malls though because I feel bad for being lazy. And I'm having that now. I was actually kinda of sick at myself for sleeping so much and watching so many movies. I could at least clean my house. My house isn't even that dirty. I could clean it though. And do the laundry. I feel like shit for being so lazy and just sitting around watching movies, sleeping and eating.

See why I have a psychiatrist?

Holy fuck has it only been two days?

Update -- 2 hours later: OK, now the house is really clean.

Isolation: Day 1

Ah, everyone wants to know how it went -- and as I said in a texted picture post from the hospital, it was a CLUSTERFUCK. Lets start at the beginning:

I woke up early so I could be at Huntsville Hospital at 9:00. I usually avoid HH at all costs as I GREATLY prefer Crestwwood Hospital -- and if I'm ever dying in an ambulance, if I can talk, I'm fucking going to Crestwood and not HH -- no arguing. But thats not my point. New paragraph, back on point:

So I go to HH and can't find anywhere to park, so I have to park in the visitors parking which will cost me 2 bucks which is stupid, but hey, gotta park. I go to admissions as I was directed and wait a while to be called. I immediately disliked the woman who was to check me in. She was a bitch and a half and you could see it coming by her attitude and distain for her job (which was obvious). First thing she says (no "hi"), "You'll have a copay of $200 dollars, how will you be paying?"

What? No I don't. She says I was preregistered and my copay would be $200 (she repeated this many times). I told her that I've had the same insurance policy for damn near three years and never had such a high copay -- I've had emergency surgeries on this insurance that didn't cost me two hundred fucking dollars. I asked her to double check my insurance information to appease me (I pointed out politly that I acknowledged that I was probably ( insert NOT here) wrong, I just wanted to be sure). She informs me that if its in the computer, its been checked and is correct, that'll be $200 (back to the repeating).

UGH. I finally get her to pull it up in the computer, yes thats the correct policy number. I ask her to bill me so that i could argue about it with the insurance company as I did not have $200 to give at the moment. She said they couldn't bill me for it, I had to pay first. I explained that they've billed me before and received their payments promptly on time and that I simply did not have this money. She askes me when I'll have it.

And now we're starting to butt heads as I have been awoken early and do not have the patience for this bitches attitude.

I tell her that I have a great job who provides the great insurances and will be paid Friday and can mail them a check, I repeat my request that a bill me mailed. She informs me that I can date the check for Friday and they won't cash it before then. I tell her I'm uncomfortable doing that.

We then argue back and forth and I give in and write her a check for $200 and date it for after payday. This eats at me. I'm told to go through those doors way over there and follow the signs to radiology.

(Did I mention I like Crestwood so much better? Crestwood hospital is always polite and helpful, and they escort you everywhere. I've been to their ER a few times, had two surgeries there -- great hospital. They're good people. And parking is free. And the hospital is simply gorgeous and clean. All things Huntsville Hospital is not.)

Anyway, I find radiology and the receptionist reads off that I'm there for an oblation (I think thats the right word, its the medical term for having your thyroid radiated out -- whatever that is) and stay. Wait wait wait. I'm not staying -- I'm here for the treatment and then being sent home. She has me down for a stay. I'M NOT STAYING HERE.

Worry not, I havn't lost my cool with this lady, I just say these things in my head.

She tells me that I can discuss it with the nurse. We'll get to that in a minute.

I wait around a little while and that check I wrote just keeps eating at me. So I go ask the receptionist how long it will be and if I have time to go back to admissions. Apparently, they have to order the pills be sent up. And they haven't done that yet. So yeah, I have time.

I went to admissions and got my check back. It was heated, but I got my check -- HA. I win. I'll argue this out with the insurance company when the bill comes. Back to the nurse I had to talk to about having to stay in that god forsaken place.

The nurse has had a stroke and can barely speak. And nothing against her, she was very nice and helpful and sweet and I just found it very hard to understand ANYTHING she said. I did understand when she asked me for my radiation scan results. I told her i didn't have them, no one told me I needed them -- i had even tried to get the pictures they took just for shits and I couldn't. So no I didn't have them. Ok, they'll get them faxed.

Then I get stuck in a very tiny room with about as much clearance as a movie theater seating aisle. And this is where the nurses have to keep coming in and out of -- so every time they had to walk by me I had to stand. I was in this room for an hour. I sent the text pictures from there. I filled out more paper work. I waited on the doctor.

After I've now been at the hospital for 2 hours, the doctors comes to join us all in the tiny tiny room. He tells me they can't give me the pill without me having had a pregnancy test. I HAD A PREGNANCY TEST! I presented my ugly burst vein as evidence of this. Ok, they can get those faxed too. But wait, this was Wednesday? Yes, not 40 hours ago.

He asks if I might have gotten pregnant since then. I tell him no. "Are you sure you havent..." And he pauses -- a doctor thats afraid to ask about sex -- WTF

"Had SEX? No I haven't -- I'm not pregnant"

Ok so I sign paperwork agreeing that I am not pregnant. This is the only thing that will appease them even though they already have the fucking test results. Apparently I'm a lying whore who had 40 whole hours to get pregnant. I sign the papers.

Now 3 hours have passed.

And they finally give me the pills. I ask if there should be 2 pills. They have no idea. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Whatever, I take them. And then they let me go. So I didn't even bring up the stay part, I just fucking ran for it.

Then I got lost in the hospital -- but thats my fault. I know, I'm horrible about anticlimactic endings. But lifes life, can't make it up.

Anyway, thats how it went.

Then I went home and had left over indian food for breakfast and went to bed. I watched Stargate Continuum when I woke up. Good stuff. And then i watched Twilight and made banana nut muffins. It was nice. I was not aware Cedric Diggory was so fucking hot.

Googly ball.

I bought myself this giant squishy wiggly googly ball as a present. Its bigger than my head! Googly googly. Lol. Im blessed to be so easy to make happy.

Lead Canister

Theres a pill in there. Crestwood has cooler canisters. Huntstille Hospital sucks on many different levels.


Well this is turning into the kind of clusterfuck that usually encompasses my life.

Cat Toys

Shopping for cat toys to ease my guilt.

Bloodwork & Bandaids

The cancer institute had to poke me twice to get 2.5 vials of blood to prove im not pregnant. Can't i just sign a fucking form or something?

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