in a late night establishment telling strangers personal things

1. The thing everyone wants to know: I got the tests back. I have Graves Disease. On meds and will have blood work in one month and discuss long term treatment options. I hope I don't go bug-eyed. That just wouldn't be attractive.

2. I put up wood lattice on my balcony railing so jack cant jump off the balcony. I also used the extra lattice on the wall next to my bedroom window. I'm going to plant a flowering vine on it. It's already awesome -- it's gonna be even better.

3. Momma planted my balcony with pansies :) I like them.

4. I was going to post pictures of the lattice and the wicked dark red bruise and goose-egg on my very swollen ankle, but I can't find my adapter to read the card on my phone. I got injured getting the lattice at Lowes. Fucking gay employee wouldn't help me with it.

5. I embarrassed myself so badly at work that I almost vomited and then proceeded to bang my head on my desk so much that my forehead is sore. I don't want to go into details about how I made a giant ass of myself, I'm trying to forget about it.

6. Made the best chicken casserole ever. Rice, cream-o-chicken soup, pulled chicken, and broccoli all mixed together in a casserole dish and topped with crushed saltine crackers and sharp cheddar cheese. Baked until some of the rice is burnt (I like the crispy). Holy crap was/is it good.

7. I recently became completely freaked out and bothered by the idea that my cats might die in a fire when I'm not home to rescue them. So I put a cat flap in my bedroom window screen which leads to the balcony. Now I can open my window when I'm at work and if there's a fire the cats can get out on the balcony. Also they can just generally enjoy the benefits of being able to hang out on the balcony while I'm at work. So far Jack has mastered getting out through the flap. He cannot, however, figure out how to get back in. He just sits outside the door and wails until I go to the window and call him which reminds him that - hey - thats how I got out here! Tabitha avoids it all together but I have faith that she will learn from Jack. Until they master the in-and-out action, I can't leave it open while I'm gone -- but I'm hoping soon I will be able to.

8. I got this stupid quiz-froward in my email. It asked my favorite number. My favorite number is zero -- it's a fucking awesome number. And then it tells me thats how many real friends I'll have in my life. I fucking hate forwards.

9. Regina Spektors music is AWESOME. Dillingham had all her CDs and gave them to me. I've been listening to them constantly. I take my iPod to work and listen all day. Then I listen more when I get home. I love it.

10. I moved cubes at work. LOVE my new cube. Still hate working in general -- but hey, better location.

11. I have become the Spider Solitaire master (on the easy 1 suite setting, that is).

12. I have tickets to the midnight premiere of Watchmen tomorrow night, Holy FUCK, I hope it's as awesome as it should be.


Anonymous protomech said...

I don't know if it's carcinogens or texture or what.. but hot damn I love slightly charred food.

I had the chicken fried rice at PF Changs last weekend, they charred the chicken slighty.. it was 100% delicious.

Also yay watchmen!

10:52 AM  

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