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Next weekend I'll be boarding my cats at my friend Erins house. I've tried to do research and asked my doctors but they have no information on how the radiation will affect my pets. I can only go by the fact that I'm not allowed near humans -- and cats have much smaller thyroids -- ergo it makes sense that I shouldn't be around them either.

Friday I called every pet boarding facility and vet in Huntsville and Madison. None of them will take my cats. It's not secret that my cats don't go to the vet (keep your criticisms to your self -- FYI, before the years end I'll be finding them a UK approved vet and getting all this shit in order so they'll be ready for Scotland). So they don't have up-to-date shots. Especially not Tabitha (the ex-stray). And because I don't have records of their vet history and up-to-date documentation about their shots, no one will take them. No one. And to bring them up to date on their shots (namely distemper and feline leukemia) will be about $100 per cat. Even if I could get that done by Friday, I can't afford that. And I'd still have the boarding costs on top of it. Basically this conundrum gave me a panic attack at work Friday. I was convinced my cats would die a painful early death and it would be all my fault because I'm such a horrible pet owner -- I should have never adopted Jack and taken in Tabitha because I'm too bad of a person to care for them. I should just give them up to someone else. Obviously.

There was crying. (Please note, no one saw or heard me cry - I'm not one of those annoying bitches who cry in the bathroom and make everyone uncomfortable.)

And then Erin and Matt agreed to board them. Erin and Matt are SAINTS. They already have enough cats of their own (HELLO, HENRY) and certainly don't need another two. But they're gonna take care of mine from Thursday - Monday. And not only are they going to do this for me, but they're actually excited about it (or acting that way at least). They're not even guilting me about it. They're just graciously doing it and telling me it's no big deal and that they're looking forward to it. Holy fuck, I have the best friends ever. Obviously this is even better than a boarding house or pet resort because they'll give them more attention and my cats know them. My cats like them. They like my cats. it's perfect!

This does not make me stop worrying though. I'm going to hate leaving them behind -- there will probably be more crying when I drop them off. And I'll be home for 5 days -- stuck at home on self-imposed quarantine. Lonely. And I won't have my kitties. I love staying at home with my kitties. I love long relaxing weekends of watching movies with Jack in my lap and Tabitha curled up beside me. I love when I take a nap and they join me in the bed. I love having them so close. And I love that if I hear a strange noise in the night I can either blame it on Jack or take solace in the fact that Jack doesn't give a shit so I shouldn't either. I mean if a murderer was in the laundry room, Jack would act funny -- this is fact.

Erin and I have exchanged our cats favorite things so they can get used to each others smells. And I bought them a giant bag of food to leave with them. And I went to Sams and got a giant thing of Tuna so they can eat well while they're away. I also bought Jack a special toy that I'll leave with MAtt and Erin to give him after he tires of the new environment (Jacks the most destructive when hes bored). It's a little bird complete with feathers that chirps when you tap it. i've got all these items already packed in the car. I feel like I'm packing backpacks for my children for their first sleep over. Which makes me feel pathetic. But no less worried.

I fear that they will not understand that I'll come back for them. I'm worried about the stress this will put on them. And I'm just worried in general. They're not my babies -- I'm not that cray -- but they are my cats. My cats that I adore and live with. The cats I'm taking to Scotland with me. The cats that greet me when I come home and insist on being near me when I'm around.

I'm also worried that Matt and Erin will be stressed out by the burden. Jack talks. Jack wails to be more specific. he doesn't just do it when hes upset -- he does it all the time. Hes a talker. He wants to talk to you. He wails for no reason other than to do it. You can practically have a conversation with him. He also breaks things. And chews everything. and hes WAY to smart. He still manages to trick me and I know how he thinks. I hope he doesn't tear up their stuff.

I don't wanna board them! I've left them alone for a week before, but they were at my house when I did. They were in their own home. This will be a whole new stressful mess. Ugh.


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