Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines day! I don't have a valentine as usual, but so far this day is AWESOME. The chick-fil-a drive through totally gave me flowers with my sausage biscuit yesterday. A pink one and a red one. It made my day! And I got the most adorable card from a friend -- and leah sent me a card that I got just now! Thanks, Leah :)

Mommas staying with me until I have the radiation done (and loaning me her car -- did I mention the Beetles dead? Might be dead for good this time). She got me balloons! And made me sister shubert sausage rolls and we're making pot roast for dinner and gonna watch a movie. Tomorrow I think I'll go play frisbee golf with my friends. This is an awesome weekend!

I'm currently dyeing my hair red. The color of the dye is bright purple. It's wicked awesome. I secretly hope it will dye my hair this purple color...

I really miss my pink hair (clicky). I dyed it out when I got my engineering job (2 years ago!) so I'd look more professional. And I just don't think i'd get much respect if I went there again. If I end up taking short term leave for cancer though, I can totally dye it pink and then go brown again before I return.

Also, I <3 Regina Spektor


Blogger penn said...

glad you enjoyed it. I heart mail and Valetines, and I wanted to spread the love.

7:38 AM  

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