Fire Escape Plan

I've been told I need an emergency escape plan in case of fire. Here it is:

Get the cats and run down the stairs.

Simple, isn't it?

If there's time to make a trip back, maybe grab ugly monkey.

The cat carriers are open beside the kitchen next to the table. I'd try to open the balcony door if there was time, for two reasons. 1, It would attract the cats the come out if they were hiding. 2, If I couldn't get them both, they could get out via the balcony. Actually getting them in the carriers isn't as important as getting them out. Jack runs out every time you open the door anyway, so theoretically it wouldn't be that hard.

So here we go:

1. Grab cat carriers.
2. Grab cats.
3. Run down the stairs.

(Optional: Open balcony door if cats cant be caught so easily)

The car keys are beside the door at the bottom of the stairs, so they'd be easy to grab. Now if the stairs were blocked, well then I'd be fucked. I would shut myself, the cats and their carriers outside on the balcony and work from there.

If I weren't home and there was a fire, man, I hope someone would save my cats! I wonder if I could put a cat door on the balcony or something...


Blogger Lulu022482 said...

I would get one of those stickers that says "Please save my animals in case of fire". They also say to get a small pictures of the animals to attach to this decal that way the firemen know what they look like. I had one on my old apartment window but haven't done it for my house yet. Would you like to me to pick one up for you while I'm at petsmart?

9:51 AM  

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