Fire Escape Plan

I've been told I need an emergency escape plan in case of fire. Here it is:

Get the cats and run down the stairs.

Simple, isn't it?

If there's time to make a trip back, maybe grab ugly monkey.

The cat carriers are open beside the kitchen next to the table. I'd try to open the balcony door if there was time, for two reasons. 1, It would attract the cats the come out if they were hiding. 2, If I couldn't get them both, they could get out via the balcony. Actually getting them in the carriers isn't as important as getting them out. Jack runs out every time you open the door anyway, so theoretically it wouldn't be that hard.

So here we go:

1. Grab cat carriers.
2. Grab cats.
3. Run down the stairs.

(Optional: Open balcony door if cats cant be caught so easily)

The car keys are beside the door at the bottom of the stairs, so they'd be easy to grab. Now if the stairs were blocked, well then I'd be fucked. I would shut myself, the cats and their carriers outside on the balcony and work from there.

If I weren't home and there was a fire, man, I hope someone would save my cats! I wonder if I could put a cat door on the balcony or something...

Frisbee Golf!

Sunday I invited some friends to play Frisbee golf with me on the UAH course. I even bought a new putter and driver so we'd have enough discs. It was awesome -- both the best and worst game I've ever participated in.

It's been over a year since I played, and I suck even worse than I did before. It was the first time Messick and Dillingham have ever played and they kicked my ass. But I laughed so much I didn't care.

On the second hole I fell in muddy ditch/creek and skinned my knee. We encountered ducks and dead turtles and some evil pinestraw Dillingham swears made him trip. ;) We had an awesome time! I hope they had half as much fun as I did. By the end of the day, I had laughed so much in the cold air that I was about to lose my voice. And since Dillingham just bought a snazzy new camera, there are pictures! Click here to see the whole album.

Here's me admiring Messicks epic fail.

Messick's Fairy Dance:
The fairy dance!

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines day! I don't have a valentine as usual, but so far this day is AWESOME. The chick-fil-a drive through totally gave me flowers with my sausage biscuit yesterday. A pink one and a red one. It made my day! And I got the most adorable card from a friend -- and leah sent me a card that I got just now! Thanks, Leah :)

Mommas staying with me until I have the radiation done (and loaning me her car -- did I mention the Beetles dead? Might be dead for good this time). She got me balloons! And made me sister shubert sausage rolls and we're making pot roast for dinner and gonna watch a movie. Tomorrow I think I'll go play frisbee golf with my friends. This is an awesome weekend!

I'm currently dyeing my hair red. The color of the dye is bright purple. It's wicked awesome. I secretly hope it will dye my hair this purple color...

I really miss my pink hair (clicky). I dyed it out when I got my engineering job (2 years ago!) so I'd look more professional. And I just don't think i'd get much respect if I went there again. If I end up taking short term leave for cancer though, I can totally dye it pink and then go brown again before I return.

Also, I <3 Regina Spektor


Mommas gonna be staying with me for a few weeks. She eats mush healthier than I -- involving raw veggies and fruits and salads. I do not usually buy much in the produce section. She does.

Thats not my point though.

So I wanted to make her a treat. Smoothies! So every night since shes been here, I've whipped us up smoothies. First was strawberry, then strawberry banana, and tonight we had mixed berry. It's pretty much just frozen fruit (no sweeteners added -- just plain old frozen fruit) with french vanilla yogurt, a little sugar, and a bit of milk to get it to blend (and fresh fruit was used in a few of them).

We've been enjoying the hell out of them! What a wonderful treat that you don't have to feel guilty about :)

Praise God for a Job

I paid my bills tonight. Two online, one on the phone, wrote four checks and I'll pay one by phone tomorrow during business hours. As I slapped stamps and return addresses on the envelopes of the checks, I realized how lucky I am to be able to pay them all on time.

I've been through times in my life where I couldn't pay my medical bills -- where I let them go into delinquency because I simply didn't have enough money or anywhere to get it. So many people are in that position right now. Two of my own family members are currently in that boat -- so are thousands upon thousands of fellow Americans who have only recently been laid off because of the economy.

I never thought I'd be happy to pay bills, but I'm thrilled. Right now I find myself on the verge of tears for all the people out there who can't pay theirs. I just wrote away over half my paycheck and I praise God that I have the money to do it. God has been so good to me.

Reviews are coming up this month at work. I really have no reason to fear for my job, but there's that twinge in the back of mind that thousands of people out there had no reason to expect to lose theirs. I pray that God continues to take care of us all.

Two Things

1. Slumdog Millionaire is one of the best movies you will ever see. It had me emotionally invested almost immediately. I was crying, and yes, I was screaming at the screen at some points. I was the only one in the theater clapping like an idiot when it was over. Oh it was so good! You're a fool if you don't see it.

2. I have a cold or something. I'm not supposed to take any antihistamines for at least a week before the iodine radiation treatment and I'm sick and a dog. Ugh, what a horrible time to get sick. I'm debating on just calling my doc and leaving a message to ask if I can take meds for a few days and just going in to see him. I'll probably just go in. Lord knows hes seen enough of me lately, though ;) Good thing I like him.

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