Love: And Other Disasters

I just watched this movie (Love: And Other Disasters) on Showtime. It's not a typical chick flick romance - it's actually funny as fuck.

The reason I post about it though, is that Catherine Tate didn't suck in it. She was fucking funny. I loved her. I've hated her as the most recent Dr Who companion -- shes been so damn annoying it**. In this movie, however, I see why shes famous. I'd recommend it just to see that Catherine Tate doesn't suck. Plus there's lots of hot guy-candy for us girls to look at. And for the guys, if you like Brittany Murphy, shes mostly naked for very large chunks of the film -- and her bodys not bad at all. Something for everyone! The ones in love and the bitter fucks.

//End post about movie

Footnotes (which include Doctor Who series 4 spoilers from here on out):
**I hated Donna as a companion after Rose and Martha. Martha was awesome, Donna was annoying. I think they did her wrong though -- Donna had a shitty ass ending. I mean I didn't like her, but there were better ways to end her character. Why didn't they let her find the guy with the stutter from the Library and live happily ever after? Now she'll never find him! I hate that they did that. And she begged not to go back -- he shouldn't have made her. I HATED the way they ended her character. HATED it -- and I didn't even like the character.

*An aside, I hate that the Doctor keeps falling in love with everyone (Rose, The girl in the fireplace, the teacher, the chick from the Titanic... probably more). And even though he didn't fall in love with Martha, they still had to write her character as being in love with him -- thats lame as fuck. Martha was perfect except for that. Stop having everyone fall in love with each other -- it's lame -- and cheapens the hell out of the Rose story line.

//End spoiler rant


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