End of Christmas Vacation

Well. Tomorrow morning i go back to work and back to school. This Christmas break has been one of (if not the) best I've ever had. I took a vacation at home -- and it was awesome. Mom even came up for a chunk of it.

I got a ton of Christmas presents which was completely unexpected. The stained glass gifts I gave went over wonderfully. I sent out over 30 Christmas cards -- thats a new record. I got a green nano and a lovely leather chair for my living room. And good Lord did I get Christmas cards! I hardly ever get Christmas cards -- maybe 2 a year. This year though, I got a table full. That was as good as the presents! I felt so special and loved! Thank you to everyone who sent me cards -- I <3 you!

I'm dreading this year already -- work and school. Forever school. I pray that I will not waste this year. I don't intend to do anything grand -- but I want to live in this year. Actually live and not just go through the motions.

Oh, and Happy 2009! Ask me when I graduate. *pause* NEXT YEAR! That's right! I should be done in 2010 -- thats inspiring!

Mom and I had Ruth's Chris on New Years Eve. Best dinner I've ever had. I had the filet, mashed potatoes and augratin broccoli with bread pudding for dessert. The filet was well as I always request -- and yet still moist and pull-apart-tender. It was fabulous. I see what the hype is about. Pricey, but excellent. And good lord, we had 3 bags of leftovers to bring home with us -- they give you tons of food.

I'm not looking forward to returning to work or class, but at least i
ll be having my tonsils out this month -- more days off! ;)

PS: No idea how I'll get Jack on a plane to Scotland - he won't go in a crate, ever. I guess this is something to worry about when it comes.


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