"When I was 28 I moved to Scotland. Because the men were hot."

So in a mere month, in the year 2009, I'll be able to say "I graduate next year." And some of you know I've been considering taking a job somewhere away when I graduate just for the experience -- even if I did eventually come back to Huntsville (I like it here a lot). I had been thinking of Alaska. You know what? I'm thinking Scotland.

It's cold. Most of the people would speak English. The men are hot -- they have great accents. They wear sweaters. My dream guy is David Tennant in a sweater. *swoon*. And wouldn't it be an adventure!? The older we get, the more baggage we get. When I have a house with a mortgage and a car with a loan, I can't just up and leave. When I have kids I can't just up and leave. But I'm single. I own my car. I rent my apartment. I can totally just up and leave. The cats and all my shit can come to Scotland with me. Think about it, it's totally rational.

Is it possible that I could find a job who would hire me and pay to move me to Scotland? Not likely, but possible, yes. Whats the harm in trying?


Anonymous Erin said...

*wet blanket* I'd miss you. And you need to look into taking pets. A lot of times you need to quarantine animals for a long time when moving to a different country. That said, you could be with sweaterman.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Karen said...


As long as I follow all these rules and get all the paper work needed, Jack and Tabs can come with me to Scotland without enduring a 6 month quarantine. I'll have to save up a while to afford everything, obviously so it's not like I'd move any time soon. And I'm not sure I will -- it's just an idea.

6:05 PM  

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