Christmas House!

Mom & I got into the Christmas spirit making and decorating this "gingerbread" house today.

"Gingerbread" is in quotations because apparently there is a world shortage on gingerbread cookie/cake mix. I looked at three different stores -- they weren't just out, there wasn't even a place for it to be! What the hell?

We couldn't find a gingerbread house kit either. And I was damn determined, so I bought a bunch of sugar cookie mix and made my own. Turned out to be far better than any kit would have been anyway. Mom and I apparently have gingerbread house talent.

It is 100% edible -- no cheating with glue here. I put a little extra flour in the sugar cookie mix to stiffen it up a little bit.

Christmas House JollyRancher Windows

(I used the flash on that one so the windows would show up better.) The windows were cut out after the walls had been baked and cooled. We then crushed up some jolly ranchers (blue and purple) and sprinkled them in the openings and baked it again to melt it.

Christmas House Left

We used peppermints for the roof and the entire house is trimmed with M&Ms around the bottom.

Christmas House Front

There's the front -- the shrubs and wreath are gumdrops. The front doors are cheese crackers.

Christmas House Right

Christmas House Back

That's the back. The chimney is chocolate chips with a marshmallow forming the part above the roof.


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