Christmas Time!

Have I been too busy to even post pictures of my Christmas decorations? I absolutely love decorating for the holidays, so of course they went up right away. And the second I saw that pottery barn again had the stockings I wanted so badly last year, I ordered them on the spot!

Christmas Stockings

I've got outside lights up as well. Ice-cicle lights across the roof of the balcony, a lighted wreath in the middle of the balcony railing and a matching wreath on the front door. In fact, screw it, let me put on some pants and take a picture. Here we go:

Christmas Lights

That's where I live, yall! And I've got the lights on a timer to come on a dusk so they're on when I get home from work. It's such a pleasure to come home and see them! I've also got out all my usual insides decor: The chrsitmas toys, coca cola bears, penguin towels and cookies jars (includeing the ADORABLE one Erins gave me from Bath & Body Works -- I had wanted it so bad and she didn't even know that -- I love you, Erin!), and of COURSE, the tree:

Christmas Tree (2008)

Now that's not a good picture of it, but do you see the star on top of the tree? That's a stained glass star I made. I'll try to get up some better pictures -- I made a few more as Christmas gifts. Having a room to do stained glass is so amazingly wonderful. When I come home in the evenings I want to go work on glass, it's awesome.

OH OH, and I have a laundry room! A real laundry room! With washer and dryer and shelves on the wall. I've been doing the laundry mat thing for 5 years, and I actually have been getting so excited about doing my laundry. It's been a privilege, LOL

In closing, if I don't talk to you before then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Anonymous Bertha said...

Those lights on your Christmas tree look like little glittering stars.

3:04 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

The magic of Christmas trees :)

12:30 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

I like the star, do you have a pattern or know where I can find the pattern, so I can make my own?

7:59 AM  

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