I've packed up all the gifts in the car (see some below) and am about to head to Birmingham for Christmas with the family. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

As promised in a earlier post, here's the 3D stained glass stars I made. These two are a lot bigger than the one on top of my tree, but they're the same design. I forgot to take a picture of the one I made for Ginger in blue water glass :(

Stained Glass Star (Grape Glass)

Stained Glass Star (Rain Glass)

Here's a suncatcher I made for my father:
Stained Glass Lighthouse

And here's a holly ornament on my own tree:
Stained Glass Holly Ornament

Christmas House!

Mom & I got into the Christmas spirit making and decorating this "gingerbread" house today.

"Gingerbread" is in quotations because apparently there is a world shortage on gingerbread cookie/cake mix. I looked at three different stores -- they weren't just out, there wasn't even a place for it to be! What the hell?

We couldn't find a gingerbread house kit either. And I was damn determined, so I bought a bunch of sugar cookie mix and made my own. Turned out to be far better than any kit would have been anyway. Mom and I apparently have gingerbread house talent.

It is 100% edible -- no cheating with glue here. I put a little extra flour in the sugar cookie mix to stiffen it up a little bit.

Christmas House JollyRancher Windows

(I used the flash on that one so the windows would show up better.) The windows were cut out after the walls had been baked and cooled. We then crushed up some jolly ranchers (blue and purple) and sprinkled them in the openings and baked it again to melt it.

Christmas House Left

We used peppermints for the roof and the entire house is trimmed with M&Ms around the bottom.

Christmas House Front

There's the front -- the shrubs and wreath are gumdrops. The front doors are cheese crackers.

Christmas House Right

Christmas House Back

That's the back. The chimney is chocolate chips with a marshmallow forming the part above the roof.

Christmas Time!

Have I been too busy to even post pictures of my Christmas decorations? I absolutely love decorating for the holidays, so of course they went up right away. And the second I saw that pottery barn again had the stockings I wanted so badly last year, I ordered them on the spot!

Christmas Stockings

I've got outside lights up as well. Ice-cicle lights across the roof of the balcony, a lighted wreath in the middle of the balcony railing and a matching wreath on the front door. In fact, screw it, let me put on some pants and take a picture. Here we go:

Christmas Lights

That's where I live, yall! And I've got the lights on a timer to come on a dusk so they're on when I get home from work. It's such a pleasure to come home and see them! I've also got out all my usual insides decor: The chrsitmas toys, coca cola bears, penguin towels and cookies jars (includeing the ADORABLE one Erins gave me from Bath & Body Works -- I had wanted it so bad and she didn't even know that -- I love you, Erin!), and of COURSE, the tree:

Christmas Tree (2008)

Now that's not a good picture of it, but do you see the star on top of the tree? That's a stained glass star I made. I'll try to get up some better pictures -- I made a few more as Christmas gifts. Having a room to do stained glass is so amazingly wonderful. When I come home in the evenings I want to go work on glass, it's awesome.

OH OH, and I have a laundry room! A real laundry room! With washer and dryer and shelves on the wall. I've been doing the laundry mat thing for 5 years, and I actually have been getting so excited about doing my laundry. It's been a privilege, LOL

In closing, if I don't talk to you before then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The moving to Scotland idea isn't going over very well.

So aside from my ex and 2 of my friends, everyone has taken to shitting on my big moving to Scotland idea. What party poopers yall are! Even my psychiatrist asked if I might be bipolar when I mentioned it. WTF? People move over seas all the time. Why shouldn't I? I've hardly really LIVED yet. I've been going through the motions for almost all of my life. You're supposed to live when you're young! Well dammit, I wont be "young" by the time it happens (I'll be 30 or more which is young, but not 20s young) but it can still happen. So :-p

I'm tired of waiting on a guy and my dreams to come true, I'll make my own adventures and fun.

Look what I got with the money Crystal sent me for my B-day:


Thank you, Crystal! IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME.

And I looked up the new point system to UK visas -- and even with me not having my degree yet, I qualify for a tier 1 (professional) visa. Of course I wouldn't move till I had a job offer and saved a lot of money, but still, I totally can. And my kitties will qualify for the PETS program meaning no quarantine -- they can fly over with me. My little Gaelic kitties! And, yes, I'm taking the cats.

"When I was 28 I moved to Scotland. Because the men were hot."

So in a mere month, in the year 2009, I'll be able to say "I graduate next year." And some of you know I've been considering taking a job somewhere away when I graduate just for the experience -- even if I did eventually come back to Huntsville (I like it here a lot). I had been thinking of Alaska. You know what? I'm thinking Scotland.

It's cold. Most of the people would speak English. The men are hot -- they have great accents. They wear sweaters. My dream guy is David Tennant in a sweater. *swoon*. And wouldn't it be an adventure!? The older we get, the more baggage we get. When I have a house with a mortgage and a car with a loan, I can't just up and leave. When I have kids I can't just up and leave. But I'm single. I own my car. I rent my apartment. I can totally just up and leave. The cats and all my shit can come to Scotland with me. Think about it, it's totally rational.

Is it possible that I could find a job who would hire me and pay to move me to Scotland? Not likely, but possible, yes. Whats the harm in trying?

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