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Ugh -- 2 weeks left in this semester. I still dont like school. Why can't I just stay home all the time?

Anyway, to keep you entertained, here's a fake logo I made for my tech writing project. It's my fake company -- which is selling linux support. It's Tux the Linux Mascot -- wearing a Fedora hat -- get it? Fedora? White Hat?

Fake Logo

Me as an anthropomorphic cat with a disproportionatly large head. Picture it.

I've been volunteered to hand out flyers at a local christmas tree lighting ceremony. The flyers are for a christmas concert benefiting a wonderful animal charity which I've been trying to help with. They want me to hand out the flyers in a giant cat costume. The kind with the big head. The kind all the kids want to take pictures with.

All I can think is -- I'm going the be the reason some kid grows up with a deep seated fear of cats. And in 30 years that child will have a nightmare of a giant white cat cursing and chasing him.

I laugh at that thought. And I think thats just one among a host of reasons I'm not the best person for the job. Plus the costume might not fit.

Volkswagen Beetles suck. Hard. And Bite.

To anyone who is thinking of getting a VW "new" Beetle: read this entire thread:


And then run the fucking other way. My next car is going to be a 2009 Honda Civic (stick shift). I declare it thus. THOSE are good cars. Hondas, that is. Get a Honda. Don't get a Beetle.

Since I can remember, I always wanted a Beetle. Always. Long before the new ones came out in 1998, I wanted a Beetle. And the obsession only got worse. Hell, look my blogs NAMED "Sliver Beetle." I've got little remote-controlled beetles on top of my fridge. I've got a painting of a beetle in my hallway. My dorm room was COVERED in pictures of beetles from mafgazines and brocures I stole from the dealership. I've even got beetle pictures in my cube at work. Oh and all 3 of my monitors (personal and work) have beetle backgrounds. So this is not someone who is likely to speak badly about the car and I'm telling you to RUN.

They're shit. I can't even GO into all the damn problems with them. I've had more grief from this car in the past three years than should even be possible. Here's the problems that exist at the current moment (Not including all the repairs I've done on the thing over the years):

+ Need a new driver-side taillight assembly.

+ Need a bulb in the passenger-side fog light (but you can not access it without removing a ton of stuff from the engine compartment)

+ Nothing on the drivers side door works. This includes
----Window switches
----Door locks
----Trunk release

+ NOTHING on the dash works. This includes:
----Fuel gauge
----Warning lights
----Lights on review mirror

+ The fuse box on top of the battery compartment is melted.

+ There are leaks in the air-conditioning hoses and the coolant system.

+ Remote unlock just doesn't work. Even though I bought a brand new key from the dealership only 2 years ago. I paid $250 just for the damn key. And yes, I've replaced the damn battery.

There's other shit that I try to ignore -- but I hit the main problems.

Thursday I had to replace a battery that was ONLY 1 year old. And to replace the battery, you have to remove the power steering fluid reservoir from the engine compartment before you can get the battery out. Yes, I'm serious.

And the openers manual isn't worth shit. It doesn't even tell you how to do something simple like replace the break light bulb. It tells you to go to the dealership -- where they will rip you off BIG TIME.

Don't buy one of these pieces of shit. If you buy one of these after reading this, you deserve what you get.

I cant wait till I can get a damn Civic.

Super easy awesome turkey dinner.

I made turkey and wild rice for dinner tonight. All the recipies for turkey and rice in the crock pot involved too many ingredients and chopping vegetables. Fuck that, I wanted something easy. I made up my own way and hoped for the best. I wasn't sure I would like it but it came out unbelievably awesome. I'll be adding this to my cooking for guests repertoire.

Here's the Recipe:

* 1 Turkey loin (I used dijon turkey loin but any flavor/marinade is fine)
* 1 cup wild rice mix (I used "Lunderberg Gourmet Wild Rice Blend" which contains long grain brown rice, sweet brown rice, wild rice, whole grain wehani rice, and whole grain black japonica rice)
* 14 oz chicken broth
* 6 oz water
* Turkey gravy (I used a jar)

* Put the turkey loin in the crock pot.
* Pour rice around the side of the turkey (try to keep it all as low in the pot as possible -- not on top of the turkey).
* Add chicken broth and water.
*Cover and cook on low until rice absorbs the liquid and turkey can be pulled apart with a fork. (Note: the water collects on top of the rice, you'll have to stir it to see if it's properly absorbed -- you don't want bone dry rice) I cooked it 5 hours on low and 1 hour on high
*serve with gravy over turkey

*It came out so well that it would be perfectly fine without the gravy.
*More rice can be added, just adjust the chicken broth and water to accommodate larger portions. The rule is 1 cup rice to 2 cups liquid. I use just a tad more liquid because i like my rice more mushy.
*Most any liquid could be used -- I used chicken broth to add more flavor.
*I thawed my turkey loin before making this -- frozen might cook to slow for the rice.

When I run out of rice to eat with the turkey, I'm making turkey sandwiches! Let me go pat myself on the back.

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