Work Tid-Bits

1) Today was flu-shot day at work. Every October we get flu shots. They're free so I'm all for it.

Short unrelated tangent: They didn't have stressballs this year. I've been looking forward to it so I could get stressballs and there were no stressballs.

So yeah, flu shots. I never realized how many people are scared of needles. Freaking phd captain of the army is scared to get a shot. Whats that about? And the girl in front of me in line was freaking out. What the hell? I'm not saying I like to look at the needle going in or anything, but the only shots that really hurt are tetanus shots. And I've had a lot of shots. Little prick -- slight burn and it's over. 50 people in line in front of you just did it -- just sit down and look away.

2) I'm sitting there getting my shot and the lady asks if I'm ok. So I'm like what? That didn't even hurt, I'm good. And she tried to comfort me and then I realized -- oh wait, I always shake a little bit. She thought I was shaking because I was scared of the shot. I have this problem -- when I try to sit still, I vibrate a little bit. When I try to hold something steady -- my hands shake. When I try to draw a straight line, it's not gonna happen. Am I the only one with this problem? I'm perfectly steady until I try to hold perfectly still -- and then I'm not. This is why I could never be a surgeon or a bomb taker-aparter. Never once got a piece out of Operation without the damn thing buzzing -- never. once.

3) I can't work the door at work. We have little RFIDs in our badges to get us in the doors. So to go out of the doors, you have to hit a button before you open it. I've been doing this nearly 2 years. Walk by - bam button, open door. No pause required -- just slap it as you walk past, right?

Well apparently it's getting a little old because you have to hold it down for a second now. You'd think I'd be quick to figure this out -- but no. No I wouldn't. I'll tell you what happened the other day. I hit the button -- BAM smack the doors with my locked elbows to puch it open. Pause. Hit the button, slam the door to quickly open it. No go. What the fuck? Button, door denied. Button door denied. So now I'm cursing at it because dammit, it's my time to go home. I'm calling the door a piece of shit and on about the 7th try I finally get it to open. Then I forget it.

Today, heading out after work to go to class -- hit the button, bam, the door doesn't open. WTF? Hit the button again, door doesn't open. So I mumble to myself "What the fuck!? Piece of shit door you're gonna..." "-you have to hold the button down." It was C -- me and C are buddies so it's not horribly embarrassing and she won't be bothered by the cursing (yes, I actually do curse more in person than I do on this blog -- I don't curse at work typically, unless I'm frustrated -- but this was just me mumbling in an empty hallway).

C informed me that she couldn't get it to open the other day until someone walked up to open it and told her to hold the button down. Then she commented that we're a company of engineers -- you'd think we'd figure something like that out quickly. And she right. Even though the buttons been working for every day for the past two years -- why should we expect to have to hold it down now? Thats not the way it's worked for 2 years.

Ok, I've talked about the button enough that it's sad so number 3:

4) I'm moving next week! Next. Week. Moving. It's scary because I have to pack and get my stuff moved but I'm getting out of this shit hole! I'm so excited! Tomorrow I have to go by the gas company and get the gas turned on -- and then go by the power company and transfer my power. And Drop 20+ Halloween cards in the mail with my brand new shiny return address!


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