Robert Downey Jr = Multitalented

We all know Robert Downey Jr is an awesome actor -- his film (and TV) roles show that. Not just his roles, but the man went to prison and came out swinging with a great line up of movies. Why? Because he's that good.

He's also an amazing musician. I just downloaded (on iTunes) his album, The Futurist and I absolutely love it. His voice is amazing. The album is jazzy and soulful -- not at all what I expected. I've listened to it so many times already that I'm ashamed (6 times in about 4 days). The songs replay in my head all day and when I get home, I just want to play it again.

I expected his album to be a little angry, to speak of his rough past and trials -- but it's not. It's the sound of someone who has... found themselves. It caught me off guard. Track 4, "The Futurist" speaks of love and leaves me with a longing to find it. I think Track 5, "Little Clownz" has to be my favorite -- but I love the last track, "Smile" too. Though "Smile" is a cover, so I think I'll go with Little Clownz. I love every song on the album -- they're all 4 or 5 stars for me. And with every listen I like them even better.

I'm sad to hear he most likely won't be doing another album as he feels like his efforts were not compensated on this one. So I'm encouraging you to buy it because maybe we can change his mind. I hope he'll make more.

If you don't want to commit to a purchase, but want to hear his sound, almost all the tracks can be heard on youtube. You can also hear his awesome voice doing a duo with Sting on the show Ally McBeal -- also available on youtube.

Here's how much I want you to hear this album, I shall find and link to all the music I can find online. Where possible I linked videos of Mr Downey recording the songs; where that was not possible, I linked to lame ass photo-montages (its the internet, people, at least you get to hear the song); and where neither was possible, I linked to the iTunes URL which will give you a 30 second sample:

+ "Every Breath You Take" - duo with Sting (this video also has Pee Wee Herman in it which is a little disturbing)
+ Track 1 "Man Like Me"
+ Track 2 "Broken"
+ Track 3 "Kimberly Glide"
+ Track 4 "The Futurist"
+ Track 5 "Little Clownz"
+ Track 6 "5:30"
+ Track 7 "Your Move"
+ Track 8 "Details"
+ Track 9 "Hannah"
+ Track 10 "Smile"

I can't believe how much peace and love is in this album. It makes me hopeful. If Mr Downey, who has seen very hard times -- all in the public eye, can get to a place of beauty and acceptance -- a place of happiness... Then there's hope for me too. He even got a hot wife. Of course he's insanely hot himself so maybe there's not as much hope for me on that last bit.


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