At least if I die tomorrow,

At least if I die tomorrow, most of my shits packed up. Just drop it off at some charity. (But ask the guy under the Memorial Parkway and 565 interchange if he needs anything. I like him).

I've still not started the kitchen or the bathroom (the bathroom will be easy) and i've got a very small bit left in my bedroom.

I'm 80% ashamed at how much crap I have (100% would be me throwing stuff out the window or just refusing to open my door). I kinda want to hide some of it. But I'm having lots of people help move it -- so if I hide it they can't move it... I'm gonna be very embarrassed on moving day -- probably in many ways.

I've also got 4 large garbage bags and 1 box of clothes to donate to charity. I don't wanna donate it to a thrift store or somewhere where it will end up at a thrift store. Let me not pull out my soap box for the thrift store discussion. I'd like it to go somewhere it will go directly to people who need it -- at no cost to them. Does anyone have any suggestions of a charity like that in Huntsville or Madison Alabama?

If I get no suggestions (I've emailed my friends), I'll just start calling churches, I guess.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best thing about packing is that it gives you the opportunity to evaluate the utility of every one of your material possessions. I find it to be very emotionally draining, though.

Maybe consider the Asbury Thrift Store, despite the name. It's no Salvation Army, but may not yet be what you want.

You can always take embarrassing items over early in the Beetle. Unless they're too big to fit, in which case I'm kind of curious to see what they are :]

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, OpenID is a bit ridiculous.

3:07 PM  

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